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Date of Rank:       November 29, 1862
Born:       December 31, 1815   Cadiz, Spain
Died:        November 6, 1872
Cause of Death:       Pneumonia
Buried:         Laurel Hill Cemetery
2)    Daniel  Butterfield:
Date of Rank:     November 29, 1862
Born:     October 31, 1831  Utica, N.Y.
Died:     July 17, 1901  Cold Spring, N.Y.
Cause of Death:     Not mentioned
Buried:     West Point
3)  * John F. Reynolds:
Date of Rank:     November 29, 1862
Born:     September 20, 1820  Lancaster, Pa.
Died:     July 1, 1863
Cause of Death:     Shot from his horse by a Rebel
                            at Battle of Gettysburg
Buried:     Lancaster, Pa.
4)  * Abner Doubleday:
Date of Rank:     November 29, 1862
Born:    June 26, 1819  Ballston Spa, N.Y.
Died:     January 26, 1893  Mendham, N.J.
Cause of Death:     Natural
Buried:     Arlington National Cemetery
5)  * John  Newton:
Date of Rank:     March 30, 1863
Born:     August 25, 1822   Norfolk, Virginia
Died:     May 1, 1895   New York Residence
Cause of Death:     Natural
Buried:     West Point
Date of Rank:     November 29, 1862
Born:     February 14, 1824  Has a twin brother
Died:     February 9, 1886  Governors Island
Cause of Death:     Natural
Buried:     Montgomery Cemetery, Norristown
7)    Daniel E. Sickles:
Date of Rank:     November 29, 1982
Born:     October 20, 1819    NYC
Died:     May 3, 1914,  Residence in New York.
Cause of Death:     Natural
Buried:     Arlington National Cemetery
8)   David B. Birney:
Date of Rank:     May 20, 1863
Born:     May 29, 1825   Huntsville, Alabama
Died:     October 18, 1864   Philadelphia, Pa.
Cause of Death:     Fell ill with a virulent species of malaria.
Buried:     Woodlands Cemetery, Philadelphia.
9)  * George Sykes:
Date of Rank:     November 29, 1862
Born:     October 9, 1822  Dover, Delaware
Died:     February 8, 1880   Brownsville, Texas
Cause of Death:     Natural
Buried:     West Point in New York
10) * John Sedgwick:
Date of Rank:     July 4, 1862
Born:     September 13, 1813 at Cornwall Hollow in the
             Connecticut Berkshires.
Died:     May 9, 1864    Spotsylvania
Cause of Death:     Killed instantly by sharpshooter's bullet.
Buried:     His native village of Cornwall Hollow.
11)  * Oliver O. Howard:
Date of Rank:     November 29, 1862
Born:    November 8, 1830    Leeds, Maine
Died:     October 26, 1909  Burlington
Cause of Death:     Natural
Buried:     Lake View Cemetery
12)   Carl  Schurz:
Date of Rank:     March 17, 1863
Born:     March 2, 1829  Rhenish village of Liblar, near
             Cologne, Prussia.
Died:     May 14, 1906  91st St. residence N.Y.C.
Cause of Death:     Natural
Buried:     Sleepy Hollow Cemetery, Tarrytown, N.Y.
13) * Henry W. Slocum:
Date of Rank:     July 4, 1862
Born:     September 24, 1827 at Delphi, (also called Delphi Falls),
              a  hamlet in Onondaga county, N.Y.
Died:     April 14, 1894    Brooklyn, N.Y.
Cause of Death:     Natural
Buried:     Green-Wood Cemetery
14) * Alfred Pleasanton:
Date of Rank:     June 22, 1863
Born:     July 7, 1824   city of Washington
Died:     February 17, 1897   Washington
Cause of Death:     Natural
Buried:     Congressional Cemetery.
                BRIGADIER   GENERALS  (53)
1)  * Marsena  R. Patrick:
Date of Rank:     March 20, 1862
Born:     March 11, 1811. near Watertown, N.Y.
Died:     July 27, 1888  Soldiers' Home, Dayton, Ohio
Cause of Death:     Natural
Buried:     in the Home Cemetery
2) * Seth  Williams:
Date of Rank:     September 23, 1861
Born:     March 22, 1822    Augusta, Maine
Died:     March 23, 1866  Boston
Cause of Death:    Congestion of the brain
Buried:     Forest Grove Cemetery, Augusta
3)  * Rufus Ingalls:
Date of Rank:     May 23, 1863
Born:     August 23, 1818  Denmark, Maine
Died:      January 15, 1893  New York City
Cause of Death:      Natural
Buried:      Arlington National Cemetery
4)  * Gouverneur K. Warren:
Date of Rank:     September 26, 1862
Born:      January 8, 1830  Cold Spring, N.Y.
Died:     August 8, 1882    Newport, Rhode Island
Cause of Death:      Natural
Buried:       In Island Cemetery
5)  * Henry J. Hunt:
Date of Rank:     September 15, 1862
Born:     September 14, 1819   Detroit, Michigan
Died:     February 11, 1889  Soldier's Home in Washington.
Cause of Death:     Natural
Buried:     Soldier's Home in Washington
6)  * Robert O. Tyler:
Date of Rank:     November 29, 1862
Born:     December 22, 1831   Hamlet of Hunter, New York.
Died:     December 1, 1874   Boston, Massachusetts
Cause of Death:     Declining health
Buried:     Cedar Hill Cemetery, Hartford
7)    James S. Wadsworth:
Date of Rank:     August 9, 1861
Born:     October 30, 1807   Geneseo, New York
Died:     May 8, 1864
Cause of Death:        While leading his men in an attempt to
                               repel an assault, he was shot off
                               his horse a bullet entering the
                               back of his head and lodging in
                               his brain.
Buried:    Temple Hill Cemetery, Geneseo.
8)   Solomon Meredith:
Date of Rank:     October 6, 1862
Born:     May 29, 1810  Guilford County, North Carolina
Died:     October 2, 1875  Oakland, Indiana
Cause of Death:      Natural
Buried:      Riverside Cemetery
9)    Lysander Cutler:
Date of Rank:     November 29, 1862
Born:     February 16, 1807   Worcester County, Mass.
Died:     July 30, 1866.    Milwaukee
Cause of Death:      Natural
Buried:     Forest Home Cemetery
10)  John C. Robinson:
Date of Rank:     April 28, 1862
Born:     April 10, 1817    Binghamton, N.Y.
Died:     February 18, 1897    Binghamton, N.Y.
Cause of Death:    Natural
Buried:    Spring Forest Cemetery
11)  * Gabriel  R. Paul:
Date of Rank:      April 18, 1863
Born:     March 22, 1813          St. Louis, Mo.
Died:     May 5, 1886   Washington
Cause of Death:      Natural
Buried:     Arlington National Cemetery.
12)    Henry Baxter:
 Date of Rank:  March 12, 1863
 Born:  September 8, 1821  Sidney Plains, Delaware County,
           New York.
Died:  December 30, 1873.  Jonesville
Cause of Death:  Pneumonia
Buried:  Jonesville Cemetery
13)    Thomas A. Rowley:
Date of Rank:     November 29, 1862
Born:     October 5, 1808   Pittsburgh
Died:     May 14, 1892
Cause of Death:     Natural
Buried:     Allegheny Cemetery
14)   George J. Stannard:
Date of Rank:     March 11, 1863
Born:     October 20, 1820    Georgia, Vermont
Died:     June 1, 1886          Washington
Cause of Death:      Natural
Buried:     Lake View Cemetery, Burlington, Vermont
15)   John  C. Caldwell:
Date of Rank:     April 28, 1862
Born:     April 17, 1833   Lowell, Vermont
Died:     August 31, 1912    Calais, Maine
Cause of Death:     Natural
Buried:      Next to his wife in East Machias.
16)   Samuel  K. Zook:
Date of Rank:     November 29, 1862
Born:     March 27, 1821   Chester County, Pa.
Died:     July 2, 1863  Gettysburg
Cause of Death:     Fatally wounded in the abdomen
Buried:     Montgomery Cemetery, Norristown, Pa.
17)  * John Gibbon:
Date of Rank:     May 2, 1862
Born:     April 20, 1827   Philadelphia, Pa.
Died:     February 6, 1896   Baltimore
Cause of Death:     Natural
Buried:     Arlington National Cemetery
18)   William Harrow
Date of Rank:     November 29, 1862
Born:     November 14, 1822   Winchester, Kentucky
Died:     September 27, 1872.  New Albany, Indiana
Cause of Death:     Killed in train accident
Buried:     Bellefontaine Cemetery, Mount Vernon
19)  * Alexander S. Webb:
Date of Rank:     June 23, 1863
Born:     February 15, 1835    New York City
Died:     February 12, 1911  Residence Riverdale, N.Y.
Cause of Death:      Natural
Buried:     West Point
20)  * Alexander Hays:
Date of Rank:     September 29, 1862
Born:     July 8, 1819     Franklin, Pennsylvania
Died:     May 5, 1864
Cause of Death:     Killed by a confederate bullet
Buried:     Allegheny Cemetery, Pittsburgh
21)  * William  Hays:
Date of Rank:     December 27, 1862
Born:     May 9, 1819   Richmond, Virginia
Died:     February 7, 1875  Fort Independence, Boston
Cause of Death:     Natural
Buried:    first buried in Yonkers, N.Y. then West Point in 1894.
22)    J. H. Hobart Ward:
Date of Rank:     October 4, 1862
Born:     June 17, 1823     New York City
Died:     July 24, 1903  Monroe, New York
Cause of Death:     Run over by train and killed.
Buried:                After a Masonic funeral in Brooklyn, N.Y.,
                             his body was brought back to Monroe for
                             burial in Community Cemetery.
23)   Charles K. Graham:
Date of Rank:     November 29, 1862
Born:        June 3, 1824   New York City
Died:     April 15, 1889   Lakewood, New Jersey
Cause of Death:      Natural
Buried:     Woodlawn Cemetery,  New York
24) * Andrew A. Humphreys:
Date of Rank:     April 28, 1862
Born:     November 2, 1810    Philadelphia, Pa.
Died:     December 27, 1883  Washington, D.C.
Cause of Death:     Natural
Buried:      Congressional Cemetery Washington, D.C..
25)   Joseph B. Carr:
Date of Rank:     September 7, 1862
Born:     August 16, 1828   Albany, New York
Died:     February 24, 1895  In Troy
Cause of Death:       Natural
Buried:     Buried in Troy
26)  *  James Barnes:
Date of Rank:     November 29, 1862
Born:     December 28,  1801  Boston, Mass.
Died:     February 12, 1869  Springfield, Mass.
Cause of Death:      Natural
Buried:     Springfield Cemetery
27) *  Romeyn B. Ayres:
Date of Rank:     November 29, 1862
Born:    December 20, 1825  Montgomery County, N.Y.
Died:     December 4, 1888  Fort Hamilton, N.Y. harbor
Cause of Death:     Natural
Buried:     Arlington National Cemetery
28) * Stephen H. Weed:
Date of Rank:     June 6, 1863
Born:     November 17, 1831   Potsdam, N.Y.
Died:     July 3, 1863   Gettysburg, Pa. (Little Round Top)
Cause of Death:   From a rebel bullet into his chest.
Buried:     Moravian Cemetery at New Dorp, S.I., N.Y.
29)   Strong Vincent:
Date of Rank:     July 3, 1863
Born:     June 17, 1837    Waterford, Pennsylvania
Died:     July 7, 1863   Gettysburg, Pa. (Little Round Top)
Cause of Death:    Shot down by Rebels during battle.
Buried:      Erie Cemetery
30)   Samuel W. Crawford:
Date of Rank:     April 25, 1862
Born:     November 8, 1829   Franklin County, Pa.
Died:     November 3, 1892  Philadelphia
Cause of Death:      Natural
Buried:     Laurel Hill Cemetery
31) * Horatio G. Wright:
Date of Rank:     September 16, 1861
Born:     March 6, 1820  Clinton, Connecticut
Died:     July 2, 1899     Washington
Cause of Death:       Natural
Buried:     Arlington National Cemetery
32) *  Alfred T. A. Torbert:
Date of Rank:     November 29, 1862
Born:     July 1, 1833    Georgetown, Delaware
Died:     August 29, 1880  off Cape Canaveral
Cause of Death:                Lost his life in the wreckage of the
                                       steamer Vera Cruz while enroute from
                                       N.Y. to Mexico.
Buried:     Methodist Episcopal Cemetery in Milford, Del.
33)   Joseph J. Bartlett:
Date of Rank:     March 30, 1863
Born:     November 21, 1834   Binghamton, N.Y.
Died:     January 14, 1893   Baltimore
Cause of Death:     Natural
Buried:     Arlington National Cemetery
34) * David A. Russell:
Date of Rank:     November 29, 1862
Born:     December 10, 1820  Salem, N.Y.
Died:     September 19, 1864..   Battle of Winchester
Cause of Death:     Shot through the heart
Buried:     Evergreen Cemetery, Salem.
35) * Albion I. Howe:
Date of Rank:     June 11, 1862
Born:     March 13, 1818    Standish, Maine
Died:     January 25, 1897    Cambridge, Mass.
Cause of Death:     Natural
Buried:     Mount Auburn Cemetery, Cambridge
36) * Thomas Hewson Neill:
Date of Rank:     November 29, 1862
Born:     April 9, 1826   Philadelphia, Pa.
Died:     March 12, 1885  Philadelphia, Pa.
Cause of Death:      Natural
Buried:     West Point
37)   Alexander  Shaler:
Date of Rank:     May 26, 1863
Born:     March 19, 1827     Haddam, Connecticut.
Died:     December 28, 1911  New York City
Buried:     He lived in Ridgefield, N.J. Buried in Ridgefield.
38)   Frank Wheaton:
Date of Rank:     November 29, 1862
Born:     May 8, 1833   Providence, Rhode Island
Died:     June 18, 1903    Washington
Cause of Death:     Natural
Buried:     Arlington National Cemetery
39)  Francis C. Barlow:
Date of Rank:     September 19, 1862
Born:     October 19, 1834     Brooklyn, New York
Died:     January 11, 1896   New York City
Cause of Death:     Natural
Buried:        Brookline
40) * Adelbert Amos:
Date of Rank:     May 20, 1863
Born:     October 31, 1835  Rockland, Maine
Died:     April 13, 1933     Ormond, Florida
Cause of Death:      Natural
Buried:     Hildreth Cemetery, Lowell, Massachusetts
41)   Adolph Wilhelm August Friedrich, Baron Von Steinwehr:
Date of Rank:     October 12, 1861
Born:    September 25, 1822  Blankenburg, Duchy of Bruns.
Died:     February 25, 1877    Buffalo, N.Y.
Cause of Death:       Natural
Buried:     Albany Rural Cemetery, Albany, N.Y.
42)   Alexander  Schimmelfennig:
Date of Rank:     November 29, 1862
Born:      July 20, 1824  Lithauen, Prussia
Died:     September 5, 1865  Wernersville, Pa.
Cause of Death:     Victim of a most virulent type of tuberculosis.
Buried:     Charles Evans Cemetery, Reading, Pennsylvania
43) Alpheus Starkey Williams:
Date of Rank:     May 17, 1861
Born:     September 20, 1810    Sabrook, Connecticut
Died:     December 21, 1878  Washington
Cause of Death:     Natural
Buried:     Elmwood Cemetery, Detroit
44) *  Thomas H. Ruger:
Date of Rank:     November 29, 1862
Born:     April 2, 1833    Lima, New York
Died:     June 3, 1907    Stamford, Connecticut
Cause of Death:      Natural
Buried:     West Point
45) * Henry H. Lackwood:
Date of Rank:     August 8, 1861
Born:     August 17, 1814     Kent County, Delaware
Died:     December 7, 1899    Georgetown, D.C.
Cause of Death:     Natural
Buried:     Naval Academy Cemetery,  Annapolis
46)  John  W. Geary:
Date of Rank:     April 25, 1862
Born:     December 30, 1819   Mount Pleasant, Pa.
Died:     January, 1873     Harrisburg
Cause of Death:      Suddenly striken and died
Buried:      Harrisburg Cemetery,  Harrisburg
47) * George S. Greene:
Date of Rank:     April 28, 1862
Born:     May 6, 1801   Apponaug, Rhode Island
Died:     January 28, 1899  Morristown, N.J.
Cause of Death:      Natural
Buried:     Warwick, Rhode Island
48) * John Buford:
Date of Rank:     July 27, 1862
Born:     March 4, 1826   Woodford County, Kentucky
Died:     December 16, 1863  Washington
Cause of Death:     Mortally Wounded (Killed-in-Action)
Buried:     West Point
49) * Wesley Merritt:
Date of Rank:  June 29, 1863
Born:    June 16, 1834    New York City
Died:     December 3, 1910.    Natural Bridge, Va.
Cause of Death:     Natural
Buried:   West Point
50) *  David McMurtrie Gregg:
Date of Rank:     November 29, 1862
Born:     April 10, 1833   Huntingdon, Pennsylvania
Died:   August 7, 1916    Reading, Pennsylvania
Cause of Death:    Natural
Buried:   Charles Evans Cemetery,  Reading, Pennsylvania
51) * Judson Kilpatrick:
Date of Rank:    June 14, 1863
Born:    January 14, 1836    near Deckertown, New Jersey
Died:   December 4, 1881    Santiago, Chile
Cause of Death:    Natural
Buried:   West Point
Date of Rank:    June 29, 1863
Born:    July 30, 1837
Died:    July 3, 1863    Gettysburg, Pa. (Pickett's Charge)
Cause of Death:    Killed-in-Action (Shot to death)
Buried:   Rockton        Michigan
53)  * George A. Custor:
Date of Rank:    June 29, 1863
Born:   December 5, 1839      Harrison County , Ohio
Died:    June 25, 1876   Battle of Little Big Horn   Montana
Cause of Death:  Mortally wounded in battle
Buried:   Military funeral at West Point

* Denotes United States Military Academy (West Point) Graduate

Total West Point Graduates = 39
Non-West Point Graduates = 28

This concludes the total transcribing of the List of 67 Union Generals in
Battle of Gettysburg.
Researched and Transcribed by:  Miriam Medina
Edited by Matthew D. Parker
Source:  Generals in Blue...Lives of the Union Commanders
Author:  Ezra J. Warner
Publisher:   Louisiana State University Press

Recommended Reading: Commanding the Army of the Potomac (Modern War Studies) (Hardcover). Description: During the Civil War, thirty-six officers in the Army of the Potomac were assigned corps commands of up to 30,000 men. Collectively charged with leading the Union's most significant field army, these leaders proved their courage in countless battlefields from Gettysburg to Antietam to Cold Harbor. Unfortunately, courage alone was not enough. Their often dismal performances played a major role in producing this army's tragic record, one that included more defeats than victories despite its numerical and materiel superiority. Stephen Taaffe takes a close look at this command cadre, examining who was appointed to these positions, why they were appointed, and why so many of them ultimately failed to fulfill their responsibilities. Continued below...

He demonstrates that ambitious officers such as Gouverneur Warren, John Reynolds, and Winfield Scott Hancock employed all the weapons at their disposal, from personal connections to exaggerated accounts of prowess in combat, to claw their way into these important posts. Once appointed, however, Taaffe reveals that many of these officers failed to navigate the tricky and ever-changing political currents that swirled around the Army of the Potomac. As a result, only three of them managed to retain their commands for more than a year, and their machinations caused considerable turmoil in the army's high command structure. Taaffe also shows that their ability or inability to get along with generals such as George McClellan, Ambrose Burnside, Joseph Hooker, George Meade, and Ulysses Grant played a big role in their professional destinies. In analyzing the Army of the Potomac's corps commanders as a group, Taaffe provides a new way of detailing this army's chronic difficulties-one that, until now, has been largely neglected in the literature of the Civil War.

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Recommended ReadingBrigades of Gettysburg: The Union and Confederate Brigades at the Battle of Gettysburg (Hardcover) (704 Pages). Description: While the battle of Gettysburg is certainly the most-studied battle in American history, a comprehensive treatment of the part played by each unit has been ignored. Brigades of Gettysburg fills this void by presenting a complete account of every brigade unit at Gettysburg and providing a fresh perspective of the battle. Using the words of enlisted men and officers, the author and renowned Civil War historian, Bradley Gottfried, weaves a fascinating narrative of the role played by every brigade at the famous three-day battle, as well as a detailed description of each brigade unit. Continued below...

Organized by order of battle, each brigade is covered in complete and exhaustive detail: where it fought, who commanded, what constituted the unit, and how it performed in battle. Innovative in its approach and comprehensive in its coverage, Brigades of Gettysburg is certain to be a classic and indispensable reference for the battle of Gettysburg for years to come.


Recommended Reading: The Gettysburg Campaign: A Study in Command (928 pages). Description: Coddington's research is one of the most thorough and detailed studies of the Gettysburg Campaign. Exhaustive in scope and scale, Coddington delivers, with unrivaled research, in-depth battle descriptions and a complete history of the regiments involved. Continued below...

This is a must read for anyone seriously interested in American history and what transpired and shaped a nation on those pivotal days in July 1863.


Recommended Reading: ONE CONTINUOUS FIGHT: The Retreat from Gettysburg and the Pursuit of Lee's Army of Northern Virginia, July 4-14, 1863 (Hardcover) (June 2008). Description: The titanic three-day battle of Gettysburg left 50,000 casualties in its wake, a battered Southern army far from its base of supplies, and a rich historiographic legacy. Thousands of books and articles cover nearly every aspect of the battle, but not a single volume focuses on the military aspects of the monumentally important movements of the armies to and across the Potomac River. One Continuous Fight: The Retreat from Gettysburg and the Pursuit of Lee's Army of Northern Virginia, July 4-14, 1863 is the first detailed military history of Lee's retreat and the Union effort to catch and destroy the wounded Army of Northern Virginia. Against steep odds and encumbered with thousands of casualties, Confederate commander Robert E. Lee's post-battle task was to successfully withdraw his army across the Potomac River. Union commander George G. Meade's equally difficult assignment was to intercept the effort and destroy his enemy. The responsibility for defending the exposed Southern columns belonged to cavalry chieftain James Ewell Brown (JEB) Stuart. If Stuart fumbled his famous ride north to Gettysburg, his generalship during the retreat more than redeemed his flagging reputation. The ten days of retreat triggered nearly two dozen skirmishes and major engagements, including fighting at Granite Hill, Monterey Pass, Hagerstown, Williamsport, Funkstown, Boonsboro, and Falling Waters. Continued below...

President Abraham Lincoln was thankful for the early July battlefield victory, but disappointed that General Meade was unable to surround and crush the Confederates before they found safety on the far side of the Potomac. Exactly what Meade did to try to intercept the fleeing Confederates, and how the Southerners managed to defend their army and ponderous 17-mile long wagon train of wounded until crossing into western Virginia on the early morning of July 14, is the subject of this study. One Continuous Fight draws upon a massive array of documents, letters, diaries, newspaper accounts, and published primary and secondary sources. These long-ignored foundational sources allow the authors, each widely known for their expertise in Civil War cavalry operations, to describe carefully each engagement. The result is a rich and comprehensive study loaded with incisive tactical commentary, new perspectives on the strategic role of the Southern and Northern cavalry, and fresh insights on every engagement, large and small, fought during the retreat. The retreat from Gettysburg was so punctuated with fighting that a soldier felt compelled to describe it as "One Continuous Fight." Until now, few students fully realized the accuracy of that description. Complimented with 18 original maps, dozens of photos, and a complete driving tour with GPS coordinates of the entire retreat, One Continuous Fight is an essential book for every student of the American Civil War in general, and for the student of Gettysburg in particular. About the Authors: Eric J. Wittenberg has written widely on Civil War cavalry operations. His books include Glory Enough for All (2002), The Union Cavalry Comes of Age (2003), and The Battle of Monroe's Crossroads and the Civil War's Final Campaign (2005). He lives in Columbus, Ohio. J. David Petruzzi is the author of several magazine articles on Eastern Theater cavalry operations, conducts tours of cavalry sites of the Gettysburg Campaign, and is the author of the popular "Buford's Boys." A long time student of the Gettysburg Campaign, Michael Nugent is a retired US Army Armored Cavalry Officer and the descendant of a Civil War Cavalry soldier. He has previously written for several military publications. Nugent lives in Wells, Maine.


Recommended Reading: Retreat from Gettysburg: Lee, Logistics, and the Pennsylvania Campaign (Civil War America) (Hardcover). Description: In a groundbreaking, comprehensive history of the Army of Northern Virginia's retreat from Gettysburg in July 1863, Kent Masterson Brown draws on previously unused materials to chronicle the massive effort of General Robert E. Lee and his command as they sought to expeditiously move people, equipment, and scavenged supplies through hostile territory and plan the army's next moves. More than fifty-seven miles of wagon and ambulance trains and tens of thousands of livestock accompanied the army back to Virginia. Continued below...

The movement of supplies and troops over the challenging terrain of mountain passes and in the adverse conditions of driving rain and muddy quagmires is described in depth, as are General George G. Meade's attempts to attack the trains along the South Mountain range and at Hagerstown and Williamsport, Maryland. Lee's deliberate pace, skillful use of terrain, and constant positioning of the army behind defenses so as to invite attack caused Union forces to delay their own movements at critical times. Brown concludes that even though the battle of Gettysburg was a defeat for the Army of Northern Virginia, Lee's successful retreat maintained the balance of power in the eastern theater and left his army with enough forage, stores, and fresh meat to ensure its continued existence as an effective force.


Recommended Reading: The Gallant Dead: Union and Confederate Generals Killed in the Civil War (Hardcover). Description: More than 400 Confederate and 580 Union soldiers advanced to the rank of general during the course of the Civil War. (More than 1 in 10 would die.) A total of 124 generals died--78 for the South and 46 for the North. Continued below...

Weaving their stories into a seamless narrative of the entire conflict, Derek Smith paints a fascinating and often moving portrait of the final moments of some of the finest American warriors in history, including Stonewall Jackson, Albert Sidney Johnston, Jeb Stuart, James B. McPherson, John Reynolds, and numerous others.


Recommended Reading: Gettysburg: A Testing of Courage. Description: America's Civil War raged for more than four years, but it is the three days of fighting in the Pennsylvania countryside in July 1863 that continues to fascinate, appall, and inspire new generations with its unparalleled saga of sacrifice and courage. From Chancellorsville, where General Robert E. Lee launched his high-risk campaign into the North, to the Confederates' last daring and ultimately-doomed act, forever known as Pickett's Charge, the battle of Gettysburg gave the Union army a victory that turned back the boldest and perhaps greatest chance for a Southern nation. Continued below...

Now, acclaimed historian Noah Andre Trudeau brings the most up-to-date research available to a brilliant, sweeping, and comprehensive history of the battle of Gettysburg that sheds fresh light on virtually every aspect of it. Deftly balancing his own narrative style with revealing firsthand accounts, Trudeau brings this engrossing human tale to life as never before.

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