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1861 Kentucky Civil War Timeline

August 22-Union forces capture the Confederate steamer W. B. Terry

September 3-12-Confederate forces enter Kentucky
September 3-Confederate forces occupy Columbus
September 3-Confederate forces occupy Hickman
September 4-Skirmish at Columbus
September 4-Skirmish at Hickman
September 6-Union forces occupy Paducah
September 18-Confederate forces occupy Bowling Green
September 19-Action at Barboursville

September 22-Skirmish at Mayfield Creek
September 26-Confederates destroy river locks at the mouth of the Muddy River
September 29-Skirmish at Laurel Bridge
September 29-Skirmish at occupation of Hopkinsville by Confederate forces
September 29-Capture of Confederate Salt Works
September 29-Affair at Albany

October 12-Skirmish near Upton's Hill
October 18-Skirmish near Rockcastle Hills
October 21-Action at Camp Wildcat

October 23-Skirmish near Hodgensville
October 23-Skirmish at West Liberty
October 24-Attack on Camp Joe Underwood
October 26-Skirmish at Saratoga
October 29-31-Skirmishes at Woodbury
October 29-31-Skirmishes at Morgantown

November 8-9-Skirmish at Piketon
November 8-9-Engagement at Ivy Mountain

November 20-Kentucky approves it ordinance of Secession
November 20-Skirmish at Brownsville

December 1-Skirmish at Whipporwill Creek
December 1-2-Skirmishes near Camp Goggin
December 7-Destruction of the Bacon Creek Bridge
December 8-Skirmish at Fishing Creek
December 12-Skirmish at Gradyville
December 17-Action at Rowlett's Station

December 28-Action at Sacramento
December 28-Skirmish at Grider's Ferry

1862 Kentucky Civil War Timeline

January 4-Skirmish at Jennies Creek
January 8-Skirmish at Fishing Creek
January 10-Engagement at Middle Creek

January 19-Engagement at Mill Springs (Logan's Cross Roads)

February 13-Skirmish near Fort Heiman
February 14-Confederate forces leave Bowling Green
February 15-Union forces occupy Bowling Green

March 2-Confederates evacuate Columbus
March 3-Union troops occupy Columbus
March 16-Action at Pound Gap

May 11-Affair at Cave City

June 6-Skirmish near Tompkinsville
June 11-Skirmish near Monterey
June 20-23-Affairs in Owen County
June 20-Skirmish at Lusby's Mill
June 30-Skirmish at Henderson

July 4-28-Morgan raids Kentucky
July 9-Confederates capture Tompkinsville
July 12-Skirmish near Lebanon and Morgan captures the town
July 17-Capture of Cynthiana by Confederate forces
July 18-Raid on Henderson by Confederates
July 19-Skirmish near Paris
July 24-Skirmish near Mackville
July 29-Skirmish at Russellville

August 3-Skirmish near Morganfield
August 16-Oct. 24-Invasion of Kentucky by Confederate forces
August 17-Skirmish at Flat Lick
August 17-Action at London
August 17-Skirmish near Mammoth Cave
August 23-Action at Big Hill
August 25-Skirmish at Madisonville
August 25-Skirmish at Red Bird Creek
August 29-Skirmish near Big Hill and Richmond
August 30-Battle of Richmond

August 31-Skirmish on the Kentucky River

September 1-Skirmish at Morganfield
September 1-Skirmish at Tait's Ferry
September 1-Skirmish at Uniontown
September 2-Occupation of Lexington by Confederate forces
September 3-Skirmish at Geiger's Lake
September 4-Skirmish at Shelbyville
September 5-Skirmish near Madisonville
September 7-Surrender of the Shepherdsville outposts by Union troops
September 8-Skirmish at Barboursville
September 8-Affair at Kentucky Line
September 9-Skirmish on the Scottsville Road
September 9-Skirmish on the Franklin Road
September 10-Skirmish at the Log Church
September 10-Skirmish at Fort Mitchel, Fort
September 10-Skirmish at Woodburn
September 11-Skirmish at Smith's
September 12-Skirmish at Brandenburg
September 12-Occupation of Glasgow by Confederate forces
September 12-Skirmish near Woodburn
September 14-17-Siege of Munfordville
and Woodsonville
September 14-Skirmish at Henderson
September 16-Skirmish near Oakland Station
September 17-Skirmish on the Bowling Green Road
September 17-Skirmish near Falmouth
September 17-Skirmish at Merry Oaks
September 18-Skirmish near Cave City
September 18-Skirmish near Florence
September 18-Affair at Glasgow
September 18-Skirmish at Owensborough
September 19-Skirmish at BearWallow
September 19-Skirmish at Horse Cave
September 19-Skirmish at Southerland's Farm
September 20-21-Actions near Munfordville
September 22-Skirmish at Vinegar Hill
September 25-Skirmish at Ashbyburg
September 25-Skirmish near Snow's Pond
September 26-Action at West Liberty
September 27-Skirmish at Augusta
September 28-Skirmish at Brookville
September 29-Skirmish on the Elizabethtown Road
September 29-The 3rd Georgia Cavalry captured near New Haven
September 30-Skirmish at Glasgow
September 30-Skirmish at Russellville
September 30-Skirmish near Louisville

October 1-Skirmish on Fern Creek
October 1-Skirmish on Bardstown Pike
October 1-Skirmish on Louisville Pike
October 2-Skirmish on Shepherdsville Road
October 3-Skirmish at Cedar Church
October 4-Skirmish near Bardstown
October 4-Action on Bardstown Pike
October 4-Skirmish near Clay Village
October 6-Skirmish at Beach Fork
October 6-Skirmish at Burnt Cross Roads
October 6-Skirmish at the Fair Grounds
October 6-Skirmish at Grassy Mound
October 6-Skirmish at Springfield
October 7-Skirmish at Perryville
October 7-Skirmish at Brown Hill
October 8-Battle of Perryville (Chaplin Hills)

October 8-Skirmish at Lawrenceburg
October 9-Skirmish at Bardstown Road
October 9-Skirmish on the Mackville Pike
October 9-Action at Chesser's Store
October 10-Skirmish at Danville Cross Roads
October 11-Skirmish at Danville
October 11-Union forces reoccupy Harrodsburg
October 11-Skirmish at Lawrenceburg
October 12-Skirmish at Dick's Ford
October 13-Skirmish at Harrodsburg
October 13-Skirmish on the Lancaster Road
October 14-Skirmish on Crab Orchard Road
October 14-Skirmish at Lancaster
October 14-Skirmish at Manchester
October 14-Skirmish at Stanford
October 15-Skirmish at Barren Mound
October 15-Skirmish at Crab Orchard
October 16-Skirmish on the Big Rock Castle Creek
October 16-Skirmish at Mount Vernon
October 16-Skirmish at Mountain Gap
October 16-Skirmish at Wild Cat Mountain
October 17-Skirmish at Rocky Hill
October 17-Skirmish at Valley Woods
October 17-Skirmishes around Wild Cat
October 18-Skirmish at Big Hill
October 18-Skirmish at Bloomfield
October 18-Skirmish at Cross Roads
October 18-Skirmish at Lexington
October 18-Skirmish on Little Rockcastle River
October 18-Skirmish at Mountain Side
October 18-Skirmish at Nelson's Cross Roads
October 18-Skirmish on Rockcastle River
October 19-Skirmish at Bardstown
October 19-Skirmish at Pitman's Cross Roads
October 19-Skirmish at Camp Wild Cat
October 20-Skirmish at Pitman's Cross Roads
October 20-Skirmish near Camp Wild Cat
October 21-Skirmish at Pitman's Cross Roads
October 22-Confederate Forces capture London
October 23-24-Destruction of the Goose Creek Salt Works
October 25-Skirmish at Lawrenceburg

November 1-Skirmish in Henderson County
November 5-Affair near Piketon
November 6-Skirmish at Garrettsburg
November 8-Skirmish at Burkesville
November 19-Skirmish near Tompkinsville
November 24-Skirmish near Tompkinsville
November 25-Skirmish at Calhoun

December 4-5-Skirmishes near Prestonburg
December 4-Skirmish Floyd County
December 22-Jan. 3, 1863-Morgan Raids Kentucky for the second time
December 24-Skirmish at Glasgow
December 25-Skirmish at Bear Wallow
December 25-Skirmish near Green's Chapel
December 26-Skirmish at Bacon Creek
December 27-Union forces captured at Elizabethtown
December 28-Skirmish at Muldraugh's Hill
December 29-Skirmish near Johnson's Ferry
December 30-Skirmish at New Haven
December 30-Affair at Springfield
December 31-Affair at Muldraugh's Hill

1863 Kentucky Civil War Timeline

February 22-Skirmish at Coomb's Ferry
February 23-Affair at Athens
February 24-Skirmish at Stoner Bridge

March 2-Skirmish on Slate Creek
March 9-Skirmish at Hazle Green
March 11-Affair at Paris
March 12-Skirmish at Louisa
March 19-Skirmish at Hazle Green
March 19-Skirmish at Mount Sterling
March 22-Capture of Mount Sterling
March 24-26-Skirmishes at Danville
March 25-26-Skirmishes near Louisa
March 28-Skirmish at Danville
March 28-Skirmish at Hickman's Bridge
March 30-Action at Dutton's Hill
March 31-Skirmish at Owingsville

April 15-Skirmish at Piketon
April 16-Skirmish at Paris
April 19-Skirmish at Creelsborough
April 27-Skirmish at Barboursville
April 27-Skirmish at Negro Head Cut
April 28-May 2-Skirmishes near Monticello

May 9-Skirmish at Alcorn's Distillery
May 10-Action at Horseshoe Bottom
May 10-Skirmish at Phillip's Fork
May 13-Skirmish near Woodburn
May 13-Skirmish near South Union
May 25-Skirmish at Mill Springs
May 29-Skirmish near Mill Springs

June 2-Skirmish at Jamestown
June 6-Skirmish at Waitsborough
June 7-Skirmish near Edmonton
June 9-Skirmish on Kettle Creek
June 9-Affair at Monticello
June 9-Affair at Rocky Gap
June 11-Affair at Scottsville
June 12-23-Everett's raid
June 13-Skirmish at Howard's Mills
June 13-Skirmish near Mud Lick Springs
June 16-Skirmish at Fox Springs
June 16-Skirmish at Maysville
June 16-Skirmish at Mount Carmel
June 16-Action at Triplett's Bridge
June 28-Skirmish at Russellville
June 29-Skirmish at Columbia
June 29-Skirmish at Creelsborough

July 1-Affair at Christiansburg
July 2-Skirmish at Marrowbone
July 3-Skirmish at Columbia
July 4-Engagement at Green River Bridge
July 4-Rocky Hill Station depot burned
July 5-Skirmish at Bardstown
July 5-Skirmish at Franklin
July 5-Skirmish at Lebanon
July 5-Skirmish Woodburn
July 6-Skirmish at Pond Creek
July 7-Skirmish at Shepherdsville
July 7-Skirmish near Cumming's Ferry
July 8-Skirmish near Cumming's Ferry
July 9-Skirmish at Brandenburg
July 10-Skirmish on Martin Creek
July 13-Martial law declared in Covington and Newport
July 15-16-Occupation of Hickman
July 25-Aug. 6-Scott's raid
July 25-Skirmish near New Hope Station
July 25-Skirmish at Williamsburg
July 26-Skirmish at London
July 27-Skirmish near Rogersville
July 28-Action at Richmond
July 29-Skirmish at Paris
July 29-Skirmish near Winchester
July 30-Skirmish at Irvine
July 31-Skirmish at Lancaster
July 31-Skirmish at Paint Lick Bridge
July 31-Skirmish at Stanford

August 1-Skirmish at Smith's Shoals on the Cumberland River
August 18-Skirmish near Albany
August 18-Skirmish near Crab Orchard
August 27-Skirmish in Carter County
August 27-Skirmish at Clark's Neck

September 10-Skirmish at Brimstone Creek
September 11-Skirmish near Greenville
September 22-Skirmish at Marrow Bone Creek

October 6-Skirmish at Glasgow
October 6-Skirmish in Morgan County
October 10-Skirmish at Salyersville
October 12-Skirmish at West Liberty
October 22-Skirmish near Volney
October 30-Skirmish Salyersville

November 26-Skirmishes on the Cumberland River
November 27-Skirmish at La Fayette
November 27-Skirmish at Momicello
November 30-Skirmish at Salyersville

December 1-10-Affairs at Mount Sterling
December 1-10-Affairs at Jackson
December 1-Salyersville
December 3-Skirmish at Greenville
December 8-Skirmish near Scottsville

1864 Kentucky Civil War Timeline

January 9-Skirmish at Terman's Ferry
January 12-Skirmish at Marshall
January 13-Skirmish at Ragland Mills
January 27-Affair at the Cumberland River

February 8-Skirmish at Barboursville
February 22-Raid on Martin Creek

March 6-Attack on Columbus
March 16-April 14-Forrest's expedition
March 19-Skirmish on the Cumberland River
March 22-Affair at Fancy Farms
March 25-Attack on Paducah

March 27-Skirmish at Columbus
March 28-Affair at New Hope
March 31-Skirmish at Forks of Beaver Creek

April 5-Skirmish on Quicksand Creek
April 7-Skirmish at Bushy Creek
April 11-Skirmish at Columbus
April 13-Skirmish at Columbus
April 13-Skirmish at Paintsville
April 14-Affair near Booneville
April 14-Action at Half Mountain on the Licking River
April 14-Skirmish at Paducah
April 16-Skirmish at Salyersville
April 27-Skirmish on Troublesome Creek

May 6-Skirmish near Morganfield
May 9-Skirmish near Pound Gap
May 16-Skirmish at Pond Creek
May 18-Skirmish at Wolf River
May 18-Skirmish in Pike County
May 20-Skirmish near Mayfield
May 31-June 20-Morgan's raid into Kentucky, again

June 1-Skirmish near Pound Gap
June 8-Capture of Mount Sterling by Confederates
June 9-Action at Mount Sterling
June 9-Affair near Pleasureville
June 10-Affair near Benson's Bridge
June 10-Capture of Lexington by Confederates
June 11-Capture of Cynthiana
by Confederates
June 11-Action at Keller's Bridge near Cynthiana

June 12-Action at Cynthiana
June 25-Skirmish at Morganfield
June 27-Affair at Crittenden

July 10-Skirmish at Clinton
July 13-Skirmish at Bell Mines
July 14-Skirmish at Morganfield
July 15-Skirmish at Geiger's Lake
July 26-27-Skirmish at Haddix's Ferry

August 1-Skirmish near Bardstown
August 2-Skirmish near New Haven
August 8-Skirmish at Salem
August 14-15-Skirmish at Mayfield
August 17-Skirmish at White Oak Springs
August 18-Skirmish at Geiger's Lake
August 19-Skirmish at Smith's Mills
August 22-Skirmish at Canton
August 22-Skirmish at Roaring Springs
August 27-Skirmish at Owensborough
August 29-Skirmish near Ghent

September 2-Raid on Owensborough
September 3-Skirmish in Shelby County
September 14-Affair near Weston
September 20-Skirmish at McCormick's Gap
September 25-Skirmish near Henderson

October 17-Skirmish at Eddyville
October 21-Skirmish at Harrodsburg
October 29-Attack on Vanceburg
October 30-Confederates capture the U.S.S. Undine

November 5-Skirmish at Bloomfield
November 5-Capture of the US steamers Barnum and Fawn

December 6-January 15, 1865-Lyon's raid
December 31-Skirmish at Sharpsburg

1865 Kentucky Civil War Timeline

January 25-Skirmish near Simpsonville, Shelby County
January 29-Affair at Danville
January 29-Skirmish near Harrodsburg
January 30-Skirmish near Chaplintown

February 8-Affair at New Market
February 9-Skirmish at Hustonville
February 18-Skirmish at Bradfordsville
February 18-Fort Jones attacked
February 25-Skirmish at Piketon

March 9-Skirmish at Howard's Mills
March 25-Skirmish near Glasgow
March 26-Skirmish in Bath County
March 29-Skirmish in Blackwater River

April 18-Skirmish near Taylorsville
April 20-Skirmish in Lyon County

Civil War Military Terms:

1. Action: Stresses the idea of active, frequently sharp, offensive and defensive operations.
2. Affair: A fight.
3. Campaign: A connected series of military operations forming a distinct stage in a war.
4. Capture: To seize by force or stratagem.
5. Demonstration: An exhibition of force, or a movement indicating an attack as to show readiness for war if necessary.
6. Descent: Incursion; sudden attack; onslaught.
7. Engagement: May be a general encounter, as between armies, or a minor encounter as between subdivisions or outposts.
8. Evacuation: Withdrawal of troops from a town, fortress, etc.
9. Expeditions: A journey for a specific purpose, as a military or exploring expedition: also, the body of persons making such an excursion.
10. Occupation: To hold possession of; to utilize an area or place for a purpose.
11. Operation: A military and/or naval action or mission including movement, supply attack, defense and all requisite maneuvers.
12. Raid: A foray. Originally an inroad or incursion of mounted men. A sudden or rapid attack by an armed force.
13. Reconnaissance: An examination of a territory to gain information of enemy troops, of the terrain, or of resources.
14. Scout: To reconnoiter.
15. Siege: The besetting of a fortified place by an army to compel surrender. A continued attempt to gain possession.
16. Skirmish: Encounter usually incidental to large movements. A slight fight.
17. Surrender: To give up possession of anything or any place upon a compulsion or demand; to yield to the power of another.

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