American Civil War Trivia, Interesting Facts, Strange Stories, Fascinating Events, and Coincidences

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American Civil War:
Trivia, Interesting Facts, Strange Stories, Fascinating Events, and Coincidences



What personal tragedy struck President Jefferson Davis and his wife Varina on April 30, 1864?

Their 5 year old son Joe Davis was killed in a fall from the high veranda at the Confederate White House in Richmond, VA.



How old would Abraham Lincoln have been this Feb 12th?

Abraham Lincoln was born in 1809 and would have been 191 years old.



Which General had the longest last name?

U.S. Brig. Gen. Alexander Schimmelfennig had the longest name (14 letters)



We all know Lt. Gen. Thomas J. Jackson's nickname was "Stonewall", but his cousin, Maj. Gen. William L. Jackson also had a nickname… what was it?

 Brig. Gen. Alfred Eugene Jackson's nickname was "Mudwall"



Companies within Regiments were given letters. Ten letters were used beginning with "A".  Which letter did they skip?

They skipped the letter "J" because when ‘pronounced’ it may be mistaken for “A “



How many men died as a result of the Civil War?

620,000 men died....  more died from sickness than from the battle.



What occurred on Feb 9th 1861?

Jefferson Davis was elected President of the Confederate States on Feb 9th, 1861.



What Civil War soldier held commissions in both the USA and CSA armies simultaneously?

Alfred Thomas Archmedes Torbert held commissions in both USA and CSA armies simultaneously.



What was the Union Army called at the First Battle of Bull Run?  and the Confederate Army?

At the First Battle of Bull Run the Union army was known as The Army of Northern Virginia and the Confederate army was known as The Army of the Potomac.



What Union Regiment had the highest number of officers killed in the Civil War?

The 1st Maine Heavy Artillery had 32 officers killed.



What military command was given U. S. Grant at the start of the Civil War?

Colonel of the 21st Illinois Infantry



Which Amendment to the Constitution provided for the abolition of slavery?

The 13th Amendment



Who was the first person to direct artillery fire for an army via aerial reconnaissance?

Balloonist Thaddeus Lowe, U.S.A. on September 24, 1861.



What was Lt. Gen Richard S. Ewell's nickname?

"Baldy Dick"



Where did the largest cavalry battle of the war take place?

The largest cavalry battle took place at Brandy Station Virginia, June 9, 1863.



What primary Confederate General was killed at the Battle of Shiloh?

Albert Sidney Johnston.



Approximately how far did the three-inch iron rifled ordnance gun throw its shell when elevated five degrees?

When elevated five degrees, the three-inch rifled ordnance gun can throw its shell accurately up to 2,000 yards.



What was the average height and weight of Union Soldiers?

The average height was 5 ft. 8-1/4 inches and the average weight was 143-1/2 pounds.



What Northern general was accused by northern press as being insane?

William T. Sherman



How many cannon in a Union Battery?  A Confederate Battery?

6 cannon in Union Battery and 4 cannon in Confederate Battery.



The melody of the popular Civil War ballad "Aura Lee" by George R. Poulton and W.W. Fosdick was later used for what twentieth century hit song?

The melody of the popular Civil War ballad "Aura Lee" was later used for Elvis Presley's "Love me Tender".



What Southern General was mortally wounded at the battle of Chancellorsville, Virginia?

Thomas J. “Stonewall” Jackson



Who took over "Stonewall" Jackson's division after Jackson's death at Chancellorsville?

Maj. Gen. Edward Johnson



Which Union Infantry Regiment had the most Battle Deaths?

The 5th New Hampshire Infantry Regiment had 195 Battle Deaths.



What physician-inventor devised a weapon for the Union army, which used only twelve of them, that was the prototype of the machine gun?

Dr. Richard J. Gatling (The Gatling gun)



What two Federal generals were in command of troops at the battle of Iuka, Mississippi?

U. S. Grant and W. S. Rosecrans.



What South Carolina aristocrat kept a journal that was later published as "A Diary from Dixie"?

Mary Boykin Miller Chesnut.



Who was the only Jewish member of the group that functioned as a cabinet for Confederate president Jefferson Davis?

Judah P. Benjamin, Secretary of War.



Who was the only civilian killed at Gettysburg?

Jennie Wade



What raiders, captured by Confederates, were treated as civilian spies because they were out of uniform?

The 24 army volunteers who followed civilian James J. Andrews. (Andrews Raid became known as the Great Locomotive Chase.)



Where did T. J. "Stonewall" Jackson die?

Guiney Station, Virginia



How many men were in a Company? How many Companies in a Regiment?

100 men in a Company and 10 Companies in a Regiment.



Who were the two commanding generals at the siege of Vicksburg, Mississippi?

U. S. Grant and John C. Pemberton



Who were the two commanding officers at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania?

George G. Meade and Robert E. Lee



Who taught at VMI before the war?

Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson



Many battles had more than one name, ie.: Antietam/Sharpsburg, or First Bull Run/First Manassas...  there was a battle on the 30th of Jun 1862 in VA with seven names, what was it?

It was White Oak Swamp/Frayser's Farm/Glendale/Charles City Cross Roads/Nelson's Farm/Turkey Bend/New Market Cross Roads.



What general frequently strolled about camp handing out Sunday school leaflets?

Thomas Jonathan "Stonewall" Jackson



Who spent his first 13 months in Confederate uniform without coming under fire or taking part in a general engagement?

Robert E. Lee



What was the name of the play President Lincoln attended at Ford's Theater on April 14, 1865?

Our American Cousin.



What young South Carolina sergeant took water to wounded enemies and became known as the "Angel of Marye's Heights"?

Richard Rowland Kirkland



Who was the Union General killed leading his men into the Battle of Gettysburg?

General John F. Reynolds



Who commanded the two armies at the Battle of Nashville, Tennessee?

George Thomas and John B. Hood.



What was the name of General Meade's horse?

Old Baldy.



How long was Andersonville in use as a prison site?

14 months.



Who was the Hero of Little Round Top?

General Grover K. Warren



What two events happened July 4th, 1863, that, to many, doomed the Confederacy?

The last day of the battle of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania and the surrender of Vicksburg, Mississippi.



What was the nickname of Maj. Gen. John Magruder?

"Prince John".



What was the name of the man that was hanged after the war for his activity at Andersonville Prison?

Henry Wirz



Artillery used different rounds against attacking troops.  One was the Canister and the other was Case shot....  What is the difference?

The Canister was a shell made with about 96 iron balls held together by a tin cover, the Case shot was a shell with a timed fuse that would burst over the attacking troops' heads.  Sending pieces of it in to them



Confederate General Robert E. Lee's father fought in what war?

Revolutionary War.



Which general was known as the “drunk general”?

Ulysses S. Grant



What is an "abatis"?

An "abatis" is an obstacle formed of trees felled toward the enemy.



What was the name of General Longstreet's horse?




What Kentucky battle also has, as part of its landscape, a Bull Run?




What was Brig. Gen. William E. Jones nickname?




Where did the battle between the USS Monitor and the CSS Virginia take place?

Hampton Roads VA.



What was the CSS Virginia before it became a Confederate Iron Clad?




Which Southern state provided the most troops to the Confederate Army?

North Carolina



What was Gen. George Gordon Meade’s nickname?

“The Old Snapping Turtle”



What Commander of the Army of the Potomac lost 2 nephews to the Confederate Cause?

General George Gordon Meade



What Union Regiment was recruited by Herman Berdan?  What Color Uniform did they wear?

The Berdan Sharpshooters, their uniforms were green.



What was the popular name for the US Rifle, Model 1855; a shorter version of the Rifle Musket of the same year.

The Harpers Ferry Rifle



At First Bull Run, what fellow brigadier general coined the nickname "Stonewall" for Thomas J. Jackson?

Barnard Bee (Look men, there stands Jackson and his Virginian's like a Stonewall)



When Robert E. Lee's youngest son entered the army, what was his rank and duty?

Private, cannoneer  (Robert E. Lee Jr. age 18)



Who refused to use pepper on his food saying it gave him pains in his left leg?

Lt. Gen. Thomas J. "Stonewall" Jackson



How many companies made up a regiment?

10  (100 Men to a company, 10 companies in a regiment)



What Confederate Major General, a nephew of Robert E. Lee, later served as a Major General in the U. S. Army during the Spanish American War?

Fitzhugh Lee



What was the  "official" name for Andersonville Prison?

Camp Sumter



Why was Camp Sumter named "Camp Sumter"?

Because it was in Sumter County, Georgia



What Virginia born artillerist named four of his cannons Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John?

Brig. Gen. William Nelson Pendleton an ordained Episcopal Rector.



Who was known as "Little Napoleon"?

Gen. George B. McClellan



What Ohio native entered the army in the Civil war as a lieutenant colonel and died as commander in chief?

James A. Garfield, assassinated while serving as twentieth president of the United States.



What was Virginian Wilmer McLean's unusual distinction during the Civil War?

The first and last Civil War “land battles” were fought on his farms in Virginia.



What lawyer went to war as a major of the 23rd Ohio, attained the rank of brevet major general and later said that those years were the "best years" of his life

Rutherford B. Hayes, nineteenth president of the United States.



What was the highest rank Robert E. Lee achieved in the U.S. army?




Who was the last surviving Civil War “General”?

Albert Ames B. Maine, 1835 D. Florida 1933



What was the "Alligator"?

It was an experimental Union submarine, which was declared useless.



What name was given to the Thirteenth Pennsylvania Reserves when the men began wearing tails of dear on their hats?

The Pennsylvania Bucktails.



There are 13 stars in the Confederate battle flag.  How many states were in the Confederacy?

11...   the other 2 stars were for the secession governments of KY an MO.



Who commanded the famous Irish Brigade, comprised of immigrants and first generation Americans?

Thomas Francis Meagher



Where is the "Bloody Angle"?  The "Bloody Lane"?

There are two landmarks called the Bloody Angle, one at Gettysburg, and one at Spotsylvania.  Bloody Lane is a landmark at Antietam



Who was Vice-president of the Confederate States of America?

Alexander Stevens



What is Panada?

Panada is a hot gruel made of corn meal, army crackers mashed in boiling water, ginger or bully soup.



On what date did South Carolina vote to dissolve the Union?


Who was known as "Crazy Bet" or "Miss Lizzie"?

Elizabeth Van Lew: she was  from a prominent family in Richmond but very loyal to the Union.  She became one of it's most dependable spies.



On what date were the first shots fired on the Federal vessel STAR OF THE WEST in Charleston Harbor?




Who or what was Daniel Webster?

One of Gen. George McClellan's favorite horses.



On 2/11/1861 what did both Jefferson Davis and Abraham Lincoln do?

Left their homes to become president.



On what date was Jefferson Davis inaugurated President of the Confederate States of America?




Who or what was Fire-Eater?

Gen. A. S. Johnson's horse.



What was the first capitol of the Confederate States of America?

Montgomery, Alabama



What disease did President Lincoln contract right after the Gettysburg Address?

Small pox.



Who was the General of the Army at the outbreak of the Civil War?

General Winfield Scott (“Old Fuss and Feathers”)



What two battlefields contain an Irish Brigade Monument?

Antietam and Gettysburg



What was the Motto of the Irish Brigade? What was the translation of that Motto?

Faugh A Ballaugh. Clear the way.



From which 3 states did Irish Volunteers serve in the Irish Brigade?

New York, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts



Who was the first President of Notre Dame University?

Father William Corby Chaplain of the 88th NY.



In what state was the song "I Wish I Was In Dixie's Land," composed?

New York City, NY.



What term refers to CSA soldiers that deserted the Confederate cause, and joined Union Army to fight Indians?

Galvanized Yankees



What was the name of the CSA Submarine to sink the first enemy vessel in combat?

H. L. Hunley



What is the “meaning” of General "Jeb" Stuart's nickname "Jeb”?

His first 3 initials. J. E. B. (James Ewell Brown)



President Abraham Lincoln was narrowly elected in 1860 and he didn't even carry his home county. True or False?




How many days did Confederate President Jefferson Davis spend at Fort Monroe prison?

720 Days... and no visitors for 6 months; his wife was barred for one year.



Rear Adm. David D. Porter, commanding the Mississippi Naval Squadron, had an oddity concerning horses. What was it?

He loved to gallop from shore and leap onto his vessel via the gang plank



Stand Watie was the highest ranking American Indian to serve in the Civil War and was among the last to surrender his men and arms after the peace accord was signed by Gen. Robert E. Lee.  In fact, coupled with is Indian name and its meaning is an oddity of the war.  What does Stand Watie mean in Indian?

Stand Firm... His first name is from a tribal title from the Cherokee Nation



You would say I was a famous spy if you know anything about Gettysburg. I was an actor before the war, touring with the infamous Edwin Booth at times.  I even committed espionage while performing as an actor.  They say I disappeared after the war but it is not true.  I spent my last remaining days in Louisville, living off the actors’ fund.  Who am I?

James Harrison...  Some believe he just vanished but this is not true. He aided Lee by telling him Hooker had crossed the Potomac and Meade was made commander.



My name is widely associated with “prostitution”. What is my name?

Union General Joseph Hooker. His headquarters was often a “den of ill repute.”



Where was General Lee born?

Stratford, Westmoreland County, VA. The property of "Light Horse Harry" Lee, a hero in the Revolutionary war.



What famous battle, April 6 & 7, 1862, in Tennessee was named after a Methodist Church?




What were the 3 New York Regiments of the Irish Brigade?

63rd NY, 69th NY and 88th NY



What were the 2 other Regiments of the Irish Brigade?

28th Mass and 116th Penn.



Where did the University of Notre Dame football team get its Name "The Fighting Irish"?

From the Irish Brigade



What was a "fireball" in the South during the war?

With the shortage of coal to heat their homes, Southerners mixed coal dust, sawdust, sand and wet clay into hardened lumps for burning and heat.



What Northern state first called for the enlistment of Black troops in the Civil War?

Rhode Island



Who was in command of the Irish Brigade at Gettysburg?

Colonel Patrick Kelly



Why did the Irish Brigade carry their Green Flag instead of their state Colors?

In 1860 the Prince of Wales came to NY, and the governor ordered the 69th NY to march in a parade in his honor; they refused so he took away their state colors.  The men - and the Irish residents - raised funds to buy the green Flag which they not only carried into battle, but it is used to this very day.  It's still referred to as “The Prince William Flag.”

What was the nickname of the Irish Brigade?

The Sons of Erin.



Pittsburg Landing, TN, is also known by what other name?




Name the only woman to have completed a fully documented Union Army enlistment.

Jennie Hodges aka Albert D. J. Cashier, 95th Infantry Ill. Vols.



What Union General's Headquarters was described as "Bar room and Brothel"?

Maj. Gen. Joseph Hooker.



What or who is a Dragoon?

A mounted infantryman. He is a soldier who uses the horse for transportation to the battlefield, or for mobility on the battlefield, but dismounts to fight.



Who was the other orator at the Gettysburg Cemetery on the day Lincoln delivered his famous address?

Edward Everett.  He spoke two hours, Lincoln spoke 2 minutes



Who was the famous "Unknown father" who was killed at Gettysburg and died while staring at a photograph of his three children?

Amos Humiston of the 154th New York



Who were Moscow, Decatur and Bayard?

They were Gen. Philip Kearny's horses.  Moscow, a high-spirited white horse.  Decatur, a light bay, was killed at Seven Pines.  When Kearny was killed at Chantilly he was riding Bayard, a light brown horse



He was relieved of command after the deadly “Crater” explosion at Petersburg.  After the war, he served as governor of Rhode Island from 1866-1869 and then U.S. Senator from 1875-1881.  What is his name?

Ambrose Everett Burnside



In what Civil War battle did the first African American receive the Medal of Honor?

Sergeant William H. Carney received the medal for his courage during the 54th Massachusetts Volunteers’ charge on Fort Wagner in the harbor of Charleston, South Carolina, in July 1863.  The black regiment was led by a white officer named Robert Gould Shaw. Shaw and many African Americans also died in that charge.

What was the "Swamp Angel" in the Civil War?

A 200-pounder (8-inch) PARROTT Gun which blew up firing the 36th round.



He was a North Carolina state senator, lawyer, Cherokee chief, Confederate colonel, and cousin to President Zachary Taylor - what is his name?

William Holland Thomas. He commanded Thomas’ Legion of Cherokee Indians and Highlanders during the Civil War. As a boy, he was adopted by the Cherokee.



What did Abraham Lincoln do on the day of his intended wedding - Jan. 1, 1841?

He failed to show up!  But did marry on Nov. 4, 1842



The first and second battle of Manassas was also named or called

Bull Run



What famous Confederate general, trying to rally his fleeing troops at Shiloh, had some of his own men shooting at him?

William J. Hardee



He was a hero at Gettysburg.  He received the Medal of Honor.  He returned to Maine where he served as Governor of the state, and as president of Bowdoin College.  Who is he?

Joshua L. Chamberlain



Baker's Creek was another name for a battle.  What was it?

The battle of Champion's Hill during the Vicksburg Campaign



What was the first major Confederate city to be permanently occupied by Union Troops?

Nashville, TN



What famous general once had a newspaper man run out of camp, sitting backwards on a mule and wearing a sign?

George G. Meade, commanding general of Union at Gettysburg.



What are "Rifle Pits"?

The Civil War equivalent of "foxholes"



“To realize what war is, one should follow our tracks.”  Who said that and on what occasion?

General Sherman as he neared Atlanta on his march through Georgia in 1864.



Frederick Douglass, aka Frederick Bailey, an escaped slave, is considered the "Father of the Civil Rights movement," and also held high posts in the U.S. government. Douglass had an oddity. What was it?

His mistress taught him to read and write.  Additionally, he traded lessons from street people for scraps of food for lessons.



What basic right did Abraham Lincoln suspend without congressional approval?

Writ of Habeas Corpus

At what battle did the Cadets of V.M.I. fight?

New Market, Virginia



What famous general owned a slave, and while needing cash, chose “not” to sell him? He, however, gave the slave his freedom?

General U.S. Grant



Who killed General "Bull" Nelson USA?

General Jefferson Davis  USA



True or False. Due to fears of retaliation, the Confederate government was last forced to operate out of railroad cars.

True. It occurred at Greensboro, N.C.



What was President Lincoln's Christmas Gift from the field in 1864?

The "city of Savannah - with 150 heavy guns and 25,000 bales of cotton" from General Sherman and his Georgia campaigners.



The South had many disadvantages in its fight with the North. What was the one distinct advantage it did have?

Its officer corps...  young, aggressive, not old and dispirited as in the North.



What was another name for Drewry's Bluff near Richmond, Virginia?

Fort Darling



What role did past President John Quincy Adams play in the American Civil War?

None directly, but his son, Charles Francis Adams, U.S. minister to Great Britain, helped to prevent Britain from entering the war on the side of the Confederacy.



What burned on 2/17/1865?

Columbia, South Carolina



Who was the first general to be killed in the war?

CS Gen. Robert Selden Garnett, killed July 13, 1861 at Carrick's Ford



Name Capt. Farragut's Flagship in the battle of New Orleans?

USS Hartford



After the war, Confederate General Forrest faced treason charges for the massacre of black troops at Fort Pillow. What was the outcome of the trial?

The trial never occurred.



Who or what was THE CHILD OF THE STORM ?

West Virginia (It seceded from Virginia in 1863 and forms present-day “West Virginia”.)



What role did Revolutionary War hero Paul Revere have in the Civil War?

None directly - but it is noteworthy, his grandson, Colonel Paul Joseph Revere, 20th Mass., was mortally wounded at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.



Where was the last land battle of the war?

Palmetto Ranch, Brownsville, Texas



What was the most unpopular duty in the Civil War?

Picket Duty, first to fall upon the enemy’s advance



Who cried those famous words: "Damn the torpedoes! Full speed ahead!" And, at what famous naval battle?

Union Adm. David Farragut in reference to Confederate mines as he entered Mobile Bay to lay siege to Fort Morgan, Ala.



The war saw the replacement of the paper cartridge with a new metallic cartridge used in repeating rifles. Besides rapid fire, what other advantage did this give the North?

Unlike the old paper cartridge, it was unaffected by moisture.



What happened 5/26/1863 that aided the Federal government's finances?

Gold was discovered in Montana Territory.



Who was the press official referring to when he told a general he was "In very great danger of being President of the United States?"

General George G. Meade - Union commander at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania



What happened May 4, 1865?

Lincoln was buried in Springfield, Illinois



What was the ninth article of war in the Civil War?

Violence towards officer punishable by death, but it didn't always prevents such acts!



Who were Virginia and Highfly?

They were J. E. B. Stuart's horses



Where was the BATTLE HYMN OF THE REPUBLIC written?

Willard's Hotel - Washington D.C.



What Battle was farthest west in the Civil War?

Picacho Pass    North of Tucson AZ



What was the most deadly field artillery piece in the Civil War?

Model 1857 Gun Howitzer firing four types of ammo



Who held 3 C.S.A. cabinet posts?

Judah P. Benjamin; he was Jewish



Who made up, or comprised, the regiment of 1st South Carolina Volunteers?

Freed African Americans, 800 in number to fight for the North



What General wrote the best selling novel Ben Hur?

U.S. General Lewis Wallace



What Southern Government leader Escaped to England?

Secretary of State  Judah Benjamin



Who was William Mumford?

Gambler hanged in New Orleans for lowering the US flag.



Who was Laura Keene?

She was the actress starring in the play "Our American Cousin" at the Ford Theater when Lincoln was assassinated.



Who was Lincoln's 1st vice president?

Hannibal Hamlin



JEB Stuart's famous first ride around McClellan's forces occurred where?

North Anna River to Chickahominy June 12-16, 1862



“Sideburns” was named after me – who am I?

Union Gen. Ambrose Burnside (he had long facial hair which was located on the “sides of his face.”)



What famous Confederate ironclad took on 30 Union warships during a Naval engagement? How was the ironclad finally destroyed?

The Arkansas... the Confederates set it on fire after engine failure.



Where was the battle of Olustee?




How much was an enlisted man paid for providing his own horse in the war?

Fifty cents per day.



What tradition started 4/22/1864?

“IN GOD WE TRUST” on U.S. coins.



Confederate Captain Shade Wooten of the Twenty-seventh North Carolina Regiment used the most primitive weapon in the Civil War on three occasions. What was it?

He threw dirt in the face of “a would be assailant!”



Harriet Ross Tubman, famous abolitionist and slave, escaped her master's plantation and made her way into Pennsylvania where she is credited for helping many slaves access the Underground Railway. What was the oddity about her?

Plantation overseers had a $40,000 price on her head



Who was the first "Southern Fire-eater" to push for Southern nationalism?

Gen. Louis Trezevant Wigfall, CSA



How old was John Wilkes Booth when he killed Lincoln?




Years before the war, Jesse Grant, father of U.S. Grant, worked for Owen Brown. Who was Owen Brown?

The father of John Brown - notorious abolitionist.

The Bermuda Hundred was strategically important to the South. Where was it?

Between the James and Appomattox Rivers, 15 mi. South of Richmond.



What is the story of the "Jinx Horse?"

Three members of the Guillet family were killed riding a horse, then three officers of the Ninety-eighth Ohio Regiment were killed, then a fourth so seriously wounded in the arm, he would suffer for life - all while riding the same horse.



Who was the youngest General?

Galusha Pennypacker. Born Jun 1, 1844, he was 20 years old



Who said, "If I had Stonewall Jackson at Gettysburg, I would have won the fight?"

Gen. Robert E. Lee and he mentioned Washington, Baltimore and Philadelphia as well.



Name the war's most striking victory in consideration of lost resources?

The Confederate victory at Sabine Pass, Texas. Capt. Richard W. Dowling, defending with 43 men and six cannon, drove off a Federal force of 15,000 men attempting to land. Capt. Dowling never lost a man!



The trial of the eight people accused of trying to assassinate Lincoln took place in Washington, D.C. at what type of a hearing?

Military Tribunal



What battle had these landmarks? Fraley Field, Bloody Pond, Peach Orchard




What general would change soiled shirts, even during battle?

Union Maj. Gen. Winfield Scott Hancock



What was the largest city in the Confederacy as the beginning of the war?

New Orleans, Louisiana



Who once said, "He looks so cold and quiet and grand." Name the speaker and the subject?

Diarist, Mary Boykin Chestnut, speaking of General Robert E. Lee.



By what affectionate nickname did Nathan Bedford Forrest, CSA, refer to his cavalry units?

Critter Companies



Who, among all the Union generals, “first” gave orders to raid civilian supplies, punish citizens for guerrilla attacks and had all male noncombatants arrested?

Gen John Pope



A War of 1812 American Patriot's grandson was arrested during the Baltimore riots at the beginning of the Civil War.  Who was he?

Francis Scott Key



I was once a “Vice-President of the United States,” later a Confederate general, and I was also cousin to Mary Todd Lincoln (ya know, President Lincoln’s wife). Who am I?

John Cabell Breckinridge. The most senior ranking member of the U.S. government to ever take up arms against the Union.



Two powerful ram type ships were built by the British for the Confederacy. What were their names?

North Carolina and Mississippi, but seized and served the British Navy. Neither one saw CSS service.



What was the name of the "world's largest hospital" in Richmond, containing 50 buildings?

Chimborazo, for the Chimboraz Heights



Who are the only father-son recipients of the Medal of Honor?

Arthur MacArthur, Jr., Lookout Mountain and his son, Douglas MacArthur, W.W.II fame



What was the only major Civil War battle fought in Florida?

The Battle of Olustee in a virgin pine forest near Lake City in 1864, an offensive by the Union to cut supplies going northward to the Rebs and to induce eastern Florida to form a loyal state government.



Dixie was the South's unofficial Confederate anthem. What was the next popular song during the war?

The Bonnie Blue Flag



On Dec. 8, President Lincoln offered an unusual Christmas gift to the military men of the South. What was it?

Amnesty if they took the Oath of Allegiance



What battle had these landmarks? Mule Shoe - Bloody Angle

Spotsylvania Court House



Stonewall Jackson believed that his only major defeat at Kernstown was the result of withdrawal by his subordinate, Richard B. Garnett, and what other reason?

Fighting on Sunday



Who or what was Rienzi?

One of Sheridan's horses.  His name was changed to Winchester after Sheridan made his famous ride in October 1864.



What famous person in the war said, "War means fightin and fightin means killin?"

Nathan Bedford Forrest, a most feared leader in the Confederacy.



What battle had these landmarks?  Doctor's Creek, Turpin Hill, Bull Run




What famous Union general while at West Point as a cadet said he preferred Southerners to Northerners?

George Brinton McClellan



What was an Arkansas Toothpick?




President Jefferson Davis was rumored to be dressed as a woman during his capture by Union troops on May 10, 1865. This untrue legend was probably started how?

After his capture, a warm shawl was placed around his shoulders during an unseasonably cold chill. The Northern press, desiring to humiliate the Rebel President, printed artwork of Jefferson Davis wearing a dress.



What battle had these landmarks? Hell's Half Acre, Slaughter Pen

Stones River



What Medal of Honor recipient died a prisoner and is buried at Andersonville National Cemetery?

James Wiley of the 59th NY Inf., Company B, 28 years old. Died 07 Feb 1865.  He was awarded the Medal of Honor for capturing the flag of the 48th Georgia Regiment on the third day of fighting at Gettysburg.  He captured the flag within musket range of "The Angle" in Pickett's Charge



Moss Neck, Jackson's winter grounds was near where?

Fredericksburg on the Rappahannock River



What was the first Indian tribe to declare for the Confederacy?

The Choctaws in Feb 1861



How many commissioned vessels did the U.S. Navy have at the start of the war. How many cannons were aboard, total?

42 ships, 555 guns



What battle had these landmarks? Read's Bridge, Widow Glen House, Kelly Field




Who was the worst dressed officer in the conflict?

Brig. Gen. William E. Jones, Confederacy.  He dressed in jeans, hickory shirt, and homespun coat.



What was the name of the 800-acre plantation on the Mississippi River owned by Jefferson Davis?




Said to be the bloodiest single day of the Civil War, this battle began at dawn when two Union corps pushed across a creek to attack Confederate forces. It was McClellan against Lee. What was the name of this famous battle?

Antietam - aka Sharpsburg - which transpired in Maryland on Sept.17, 1862



Who was killed on Pine Mountain?

General Leonidas Polk, C.S.A.



Dr. (or Col.)  J. A. F. LeMat is best known in the war for what?

A U.S. patent on .44 cal. 9 shot revolver which featured a rather unusual secondary 16 gauge smoothbore barrel capable of firing buckshot. (Approximately 2,900 were produced.)  It was revered and cherished by JEB Stuart



What was the Dictator, aka the "Petersburg Express”?

A 13-inch seacoast mortar, mounted on a reinforced railroad car, and used by the Federals in the siege of Petersburg.



Gen. Ewell, CSA, posted his 5,000 men on a ridge with several hundred acres of open fields to his front, woods protecting both flanks. In the center, he had 4 batteries. They were attacked by Gen. John C. Fremont's Union army. It was the third engagement of Stonewall's Valley Campaign. The Confederate side won this battle called?

Battle of Cross Keys, VA - June 8, 1862



Near the Hornet's Nest and the Bloody Pond was the Peach Orchard whose blossoms, cut by bullets, fell like pink snow onto what battle site?




When did the South first begin to organize volunteer military companies?

After the John Brown Raid at Harper's Ferry, it caused an emotional uproar in the South!



Through what state was Grierson's Raid ?




Below the Mason-Dixon Line, certain persons aroused feelings in the Southern people, caused fear of the future and told misconceptions of "the Yankees" which further caused a divide between the North and South populace. What were these people called?

Fire-eaters, for their inflammatory rhetoric and promotion of secession



What geographical entity split from a Confederate state and entered the Union on June 20, 1963?

West Virginia



Gen. Lee pondered heavily as he knew that Gen. Joe Hooker had circled Lee's army with 75,000 men. (Lee had the choice to strike or retreat.) Across the Rappahannock River, were 40,000 additional Union troops poised to strike Lee. Lee, with only 60,000 men, chose to engage. This famous battle which lasted nearly three days was won by the South and known as what battle?

Battle of Chancellorsville, VA - May 1-4, 1863



If someone was talking about "fresh fish", what were they referring to?

Raw recruits



Where was General Nathaniel Lyon killed?

Wilson's Creek, Missouri



The capture of Forts Henry and Donnelson in Tennessee opened middle Tennessee for invasion. Grant traveled from Cairo, Illinois. Don Buell was ordered from Nashville. Sherman was already with Grant. America would soon realize the impact of its great Civil War. What was the name of this early famous battle - which also has a name meaning “place of peace”?

Shiloh - Albert S. Johnston and P. G. T. Beauregard [CS] against Grant and Sherman [US] April 6-7, 1862



After the firing on Fort Sumter, a Union general surrendered 19 Federal posts to Texas troops without a struggle. What was his name?

General David E. Twiggs, a native of Georgia and called a traitor for his actions by many in the North.



They called it the greatest land battle in the U.S. It brought Meade and Lee together for a tough three day battle. The sounds of cannon fire could be heard as far away as Pittsburgh, PA, some 140 miles distant. Nearly 50,000 men would become casualties. It was America's greatest Civil War battle. Name this famous place? Also, tens-of-thousands visit this sacred battlefield annually.

Battle of Gettysburg - a name recognized even by many who have no Civil War interests! July 1-3, 1863



Who was the father-in-law of CS Gen James Ewell Brown 'Jeb' Stuart and father of CS Gen. John Rogers Cooke?

U.S. Gen Philip St. George Cooke



Hood faced Sherman. Despite a defeat at Peachtree Creek, Hood proposed a bold and daring second attack. Lt. Gen. Stewart would keep Union forces tied down while Hood's generals, Hardee and Cheatham, would strike the Union’s most vulnerable point. When it concluded, Hood lost nearly 8,000 men and the Union lost 3,700. What was the name of this battle?

Battle of Atlanta - May 1-2, 1864



Where were the 1st black troops used in battle?

Island Mount, Missouri -- 10/29/1862



This former U.S. President’s son was a Confederate general, and considered by Nathan Bedford Forrest as “one of the South’s greatest generals!” What was the name of the confederate general?

Confederate Gen. Richard Taylor, son of former U.S. President Zachary Taylor.



Who were the two opposing commanding generals who fought each other so fiercely in the bloody battles of Chickamauga and Chattanooga, and by what names were their forces officially known?

Union Gen. William Rosecrans who began with 60.0000 troops of the Army of the Cumberland and Gen. Braxton Bragg with 45,000 men in the Army of Tennessee. Before the fall of 1863 was over, Union forces had been augmented by Gen. Joseph Hooker, Gen. William T. Sherman and Gen. Ulysses S. Grant, who assumed command, and the Rebels had been saved from early defeat by Gen. James Longstreet.



Federal Gen. John Pope bragged that he was going to "bag" “Stonewall” Jackson. Meanwhile, “Stonewall” and troops marched around Pope and torched his supplies. When the big fight commenced, Pope threw his troops piecemeal against Jackson. Jackson put up a great defense and Longstreet had a timely attack. Pope's army suffered 16,000 casualties. Name this battle?

Second Battle of Bull Run - Aug. 29-30, 1862



Where did General T. J. Jackson die?

Guenia Station, Virginia



Baltimore and its influential newspaper, "The Baltimore Sun," was pro Southern or pro Union?

Pro Southern, Maryland was a divided state and a border state



Who were the Knights of the Golden Circle?

A secret order in the North of comprised of Southern sympathizers



What city did Pennsylvania born John Pemberton attempt to defend?

Vicksburg, Mississippi



Gen. Robert E. Lee, said to be the greatest tactician in the war, lost an early battle in western Virginia. Captured Federals convinced Southern officers that they were outnumbered 2-to-1. Lee consequently ordered a retreat. Factually, the Confederate army had numerical advantage. Soon after, Lee was being dubbed "Granny Lee" by Southern newspapers - a mistake they would regret later. What was this battle called?

Battle of Cheat Mountain - Sept. 11-13, 1861

Who introduced U.S. Gen. Ulysses S. Grant to his wife Julia Dent?

Her cousin, Confederate General James Longstreet



The first stamp of the Confederacy, a five cent denomination, green in color and made in London, displayed a picture of?

President Jefferson Davis, the first shipment was two million stamps



It was the last battle that Grant and Sherman were together. What was the name of the battle?

Missionary Ridge



Bold, abrasive and a hard fighter, Jubal Early marched his many barefooted men into Maryland to cut communications and liberate 18,000 prisoners of war in Baltimore. Along the way, he exacted ransom from the cities of Hagerstown and Frederick. Early then confronted Maj. Gen. Lewis Wallace (author of "Ben Hur") in a short but important battle, some believed saved Washington.  It was called?

Battle of Monocacy - July 9, 1864



What famous Union general was known as the Rock of Chickamauga for his courageous stand against repeated Rebel attacks?

Gen. George H. Thomas. He took command of the remaining Union troops after a mistaken order opened up a gap in the Union ranks. His men stood firm at Snodgrass Hill.



Its Indian name meant "River of Death." A battle at this location would pit Maj. Gen. William S. Rosecrans against Confederate Gen. Braxton Bragg. Bragg had strength and advantage, but slow pursuit and inaction allowed Rosecrans to escape and reach the safety of Chattanooga. What was this two day battle called?

Battle of Chickamauga - Sept. 19-20, 1863



What civilian was killed at 1st Manassas?

Mrs. Judith Henry



Who wrote the "Battle Hymn of the Republic"?

Julia Ward Howe in 1862



I was a Confederate and graduate of West Point. They said I kept the Confederacy's hopes alive after Vicksburg and Gettysburg. Before the war, I taught at West Point, Georgetown, KY and Nashville. I was badly wounded at Shiloh. The high point of my career was at Chickamauga. I was finally paroled at Appomattox and spent the rest of my days as a farmer near Macoupin City, and Brighton, Illinois. Who am I?

Bushrod Rust Johnson - Becoming a semi-invalid at the very end due to war hardships. Died 9/12/1880



Who was John Huff of the 5th Michigan Cavalry?

The man that shot General J.E.B. Stuart



Who was the first general to die at Gettysburg?

U.S. General John Fulton Reynolds.  Killed July 1, 1863



I was a Confederate, born in Virginia and received an education at home. I died early in battle leading a rearguard action near Harrisonburg, Va. Because of my death, many said I never realized my potential. “Stonewall” said of me, "As a partisan officer, I never knew his superior." My remains lie in the Stonewall Cemetery in Winchester, Va. I was never married, and wrote very few letters. Many can’t recall anything I had said. Perhaps I never avenged my brother's death by a Union patrol - but I did give my life for my state. I was a cavalry man and colonel for the 7th Virginia. Who am I?

Ashby Turner - He "spoke best with his sword," according to one historian.



Where was Richard Kirkland, the Angel of Maryes Heights, killed?

Snodgrass Hill, Chickamauga



Who claimed to have killed fifty Confederates with fifty shots from a special rifle?

James Butler Hickock, aka, "Wild Bill" Hickock



When Marion Rangers organized in 1861, a famous author joined as a lieutenant but left this MO. Company before it was mustered into Confederate service having fired only one hostile shot during the war.  Who was he?

Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain)



I was a Unionist but ironically, the son of a South Carolinian slaveowner. My father freed his slaves and we moved to Indiana. At 19, I went to West Point and graduated 18th in 1847. My military duty saw garrison duty in the Mexican War, then along the U.S. frontier. I patented a breech loading rifle, eventually selling 55,000 of them along with much ammunition. Yet, I always doubted my ability as a commander. I resigned my commission, became governor and a senator. Who am I?

Ambrose Everett Burnside



Who said "You volunteered to be killed for love of country, and now you can be."

General C.F. Smith USA - at Fort Donelson



What order did Union Maj. Gen. Winfield Scott Hancock give at Fredericksburg which was believed to save many lives?

Stay off your horses



What is "green-apple quickstep"?




What Confederate general, believed by many to be the greatest strategist in the Confederacy, died as a result of pneumonia after standing bareheaded in the rain for the funeral procession of Gen. Wm. T. Sherman, whom he had fiercely opposed in bloody battles?

Gen. Joseph E. Johnston, hero of First Manassas, commander of the Army of Northern Virginia until he was wounded and replaced by Gen. Robert E. Lee and an important commander at the Battle of Kennesaw Mountain. After the war, Johnston and Sherman had become good friends, thus also reflecting American unity



How did most youths “slip into the military service” on both sides by being so young?

They signed on as musicians and then became soldiers. Some regiments really weren’t too picky, so, to muster a full-company (and eventually a regiment), they “sort of turned that blind eye…”



What was Cavalry General Ben Grierson's profession?

music teacher



I was naturalized in the U.S. and adopted Arkansas as my home state. Being from Ireland, I was proud my father was a physician and I wanted to be like him but I failed the exams. I did study law in the U.S. and became partners in a drug store. When the war started, I enlisted and was eventually promoted to brigadier general but I was killed in battle at Franklin, Tennessee. Some called me the "Stonewall of the West." Who am I?

Patrick Ronayne Cleburne - Pres. Davis said his vacancy "will never be filled."



What was so unique about the 39th New York Garibaldi Guard?

Its colonel was Hungarian; its Lt. Col. was Italian; its surgeon was German. The ranks were filled with Bavarians, Cossacks, Germans, and Algerian Zouaves of the French Foreign Legion. And the majority had European war experience.



What general captured three different armies?

U. S. Grant (Ft. Donelson - Vicksburg - Appomattox)



I was a famous Episcopal Bishop but traded my robes for the baptism of fire, also known as fighting in combat. I attended Theological Seminary, West Point, was a friend of Jeff Davis and laid the cornerstone for the famous college in the South - Sewanee. My life was cut short while inspecting troops atop Pine Mountain when an artillery shell struck our position. Sherman regretted it.  Who am I?

Leonidas Polk - often at odds with Gen. Braxton Bragg, CSA commander.



During the Siege of Vicksburg, there were 39 regiments from Missouri.  How many were Union and how many were Confederate?

22 Union and 17 Confederate



The press official was referring to what general when he stated that you are "In very great danger of being President of the United States”?

General George G. Meade - Union commander at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania



What Union General was nicknamed "Curly", "Fanny" and "Autie"?

George Armstrong Custer



Who was troubled with the government’s harsh treatment of Indians before and after the American Civil War?

Christopher "Kit" Carson, famous Indian agent.



Who was the last C.S.A. general to die?

Felix Robertson



How did CSA lieutenant general Richard Taylor manage to sleep while traveling cross country?

He slept in an ambulance pulled by trained mules



Who was the C.S.A. highest ranking general?

Samuel Cooper



Who fired the shot which mortally wounded CS Gen. JEB Stuart?

Pvt. John Huff, 5th MI Cavalry, May 11, 1864 at Yellow Tavern, VA



Of the nations of the world, who shunned the Confederacy more due to “their freedom loving” and “wanted no part of slavery”?

The Germans



What distinction did the 69th North Carolina Regiment (C.S.A.) possess?

Four companies of Cherokee Indians (Their descendants are the present-day “Eastern Band of Cherokee Nation”)



What was a "Jonah"?

Soldier with a constant run of luck.



What device used in the Civil War destroyed the Pony Express?

The Telegraph



What were President Lincoln's family ties to the fighting forces of the Confederacy?

His wife, Mary Todd, came from a large family of Southern sympathizers in Kentucky. Four of Lincoln's brothers in law fought with the South, and three of his sisters in law ere married to Rebel officers.



Besides being one of the South's best Civil War fighters, Nathan Bedford Forrest had another unusual oddity about him. What was it?

He was a millionaire



What was a "beat"?

A soldier who would always find a way out of a detail



Why was C.S.A. officer Champ Furgeson hanged by Federal authority?

For executing wounded black soldiers at Saltville, Virginia



Union capture of what city is credited with making the greatest contribution to Abraham Lincoln's reelection in 1864?

Atlanta, GA



What is the only spot in the nation where both blue and gray soldiers are buried in a mass grave?

Woodlawn National Cemetery at Elmira, New York



What general was first in charge of Andersonville Prison?

 John H. Winder



What was a "housewife"?

A sewing kit furnished by a mother, sister, sweetheart or the Soldier's Aid Society



Who was the last Confederate soldier to be executed by the Union?

Robert Cobb Kennedy, was hanged on March 25, 1865 for his part in the Nov 25, 1864, attempt to burn New York City



Southern slain young Confederate men were most always found white-faced and lean on the battlefield. Northern slain young Federals were most often found black and bloated. What caused this?

Diet - the Northern troops were always better fed with a higher fat content.



Who was Lieutenant Harry Buford C.S.A.?

Loretta Janeta Velaques - female



How much "bounty" was paid during the Civil War for deserters?

An average of $30 per soldier



What was the "black list" and what was it used for?

A list of offenders in a unit.  It was always referred to for assigning soldiers to disagreeable details.



What was established by the Federal Government 8/02/1861?

Income Tax



What was a "barrel shirt"?

A common form of punishment wherein the culprit wore a barrel with his crime labeled on it



When did the last men who fought in the Civil War die?

Albert Woodson, Union veteran, died in 1958. The last Confederate veteran, Walter Williams, died in 1959 at the age of 117.



What was the signal, transmitted by drum or bugle, by which a commander ordered scattered forces to regroup?




Who dubbed the title, "War Between the States?"

Alexander Stephens, Confederate vice president, is believed to have coined the phrase.



What was the shortest time required for a letter from San Antonio, Texas to reach Washington?

Ten days



What was a "bounty jumper"?

Someone who enlisted for the bounty or monetary bonus, and then deserted at the first opportunity



Who was Private Albert D. J. Cashier, 95th Illinois Infantry?

Jennie Hodgers - female



Who assumed command of the Orphan Brigade at Chickamauga, fought in the Atlanta campaign, and did not surrender until May 6, 1865?

Brig. Gen. Joseph Horace Lewis (b. Kentucky)



What famous artist painted an eyewitness picture of one of the few naval skirmishes fought by opposing U.S. forces in foreign waters?

The young artist who watched the USS Kearsarge sink the CSS Alabama in an hour-long engagement in the English Channel off Cherbourg, France, in June of 1864, was Edouard Manet. The work now hangs in the Philadelphia Museum of Art.



What was a "havelock"?

A piece of linen that hangs from the back of a cap over one's neck to protect it from the sun



The snow was deep and the temperature raw as Stonewall Jackson's troops woke to the early dawn. This particular morning, the men had little respect for their famous general due to their situation. A man, sleeping under a nearby tree, awoke and shook the snow from his blanket. Who was this person that had ridden into the camp at night?

Gen. Thomas J. (Stonewall) Jackson

Why is Lincoln's photograph taken 8/02/1864, famous?

It is on the $5.00 bill.



Where was the famous CSS Alabama constructed?

Liverpool, England



What general would change soiled shirts, even during battle?

Maj. Gen. Winfield Scott Hancock - Union



For diarrhea or malaria, what was the rebel field cure?

Tea made from the bark of either slippery elm, sweet gum or dogwood



What famous Union commander and his Union army lost every battle, every campaign and every engagement they fought?

Benjamin F. Butler, Lincoln's political appointee in charge of  the Army of the James



Name the war's most striking victory in consideration of lost resources.

The Confederacy victory at Savine Pass, Texas.  Capt. Richard W. Dowling, defending with 43 men and six cannon, drove off a Federal force of 15.000 men attempting to land.  Capt. Dowling never lost a man!



What were the most common diseases among southern soldiers?

Scurvy, gangrene, measles (If dysentery was a disease, it would be in the top 3)



The Union’s 2nd West Virginia Cavalry Regiment’s troops were recruited predominately from what state?




Confederate Captain Shade Wooten of the Twenty-seventh North Carolina Regiment used the most primitive weapon in the Civil War on three occasions.  What was it?

He threw dirt in the face of “a would be assailant!”




What was the most commonly used medication during the war?

Alcohol in the form of whiskey or brandy.  While its value as a medication is questionable, it did relieve pain and it's doubtful that the soldiers complained of its use



Union Troopers assaulted and climbed a 1100 foot high mountain to attack a strong position being held by Confederates.  This battle was dubbed the "Battle above the Clouds."  Rain, mist, fog and chilling winds hampered Union forces but they persisted and eventually were able to plant the U.S. flag.  What was the official name for this battle?

Battle of Lookout Mountain, Chattanooga, TN, Nov 24, 1863



I was a self taught map maker for the Confederacy.  They said my talent enabled Stonewall Jackson to march with accuracy and aided him in stunning victories.  After Stonewall's untimely death, I continued to help others with map making, offering advice on land features and reconnoitering.  Who am I?

Jedediah Hotchkiss - also writing several Civil War books.



What was "Salt Horse"?

Army issued beef - so saturated with salt, troops had to soak it for days



During the Civil War, gonorrhea was treated with what?




President Lincoln rarely slept in the White House during the hot season.  Where did he stay?

The Soldier's Home, a respite in Washington, DC



General Sherman was once asked which battle of all the battles he had fought, was the bloodiest and most sanguinary of the Civil War.  What was Sherman’s reply?




There were 425 Confederate generals.  How many were graduates of West Point?




What Union General was obese, suffered from gout and therefore, was unable to ride a horse for any length of time?

General Winfield Scott - "Old Fuss and Feathers."



This Kentucky native, and future Confederate general, was displeased with his home state’s neutrality- so he proclaimed himself a TEXAN. What is his name?

John Bell Hood



One Union General is buried at Annapolis.  Who is he?

U.S. Brig. Gen. Henry H. Lockwood.  Before and after the Civil War, he was an instructor in mathematics at the Naval Academy.



A U.S. Gen was killed on Oct 8, 1862, at Perryville, and his brother, a C.S. Gen was killed on May 30, 1864, at Bethesda Church. Both were supposedly buried by their father in a common grave. The tombstone reflects: "Here lie my two sons. Only God knows which was right".  Who were they?

U.S. Gen William Rufus Terrill and C.S. Gen James Barbour Terrill



Years before the war, Jesse Grant, father of U.S. Grant, worked for Owen Brown.  Who was Owen Brown?

The father of John Brown - notorious abolitionist.



Who once said, "He looks so cold and quiet and grand."  Name the speaker and the subject.

Diarist, Mary Boykin Chestnut, speaking of General Robert E. Lee



Name 5 women who were spies during the Civil War.

1.  Bell Boyd - for the Confederacy


2.  Pauline Cushman - for the Union


3.  Rose O'Neal Greenhow - for the Confederacy


4.  Elizabeth Van Lew - for the Union


5.  Mary Bowser - for the Union



They say I was the best war governor during the Civil War.  I promptly answered Lincoln's call for volunteers - sending 150,000 men from Indiana.  I didn't need to draft my state's troops - they mainly volunteered.  But I didn't like excessive military arrests and I opposed freeing Southern slaves until the Emancipation Proclamation.  Yet, I led the movement to pass the 14th Amendment for black suffrage.  Who am I?

Oliver Hazard Pery Throck Morton



Where was the first Federal Battlefield victory?

Many analysts believe it occurred at Mill Spring, Kentucky



One state had 39 Regiments - 22 Union and 17 Confederate at the battle of Vicksburg.  What state was it?




Seven former U.S. Presidents served in the Civil War.  Who were they?

1.  Andrew Johnson - May 4, 1862 - Mar 3, 1865, Army, Military Governor of Tennessee: raised 25 regiments for Union.


2.  Ulysses S. Grant - Jun 6, 1861 -1865, Army,  7th Regt, 21st Illinois Volunteers


3.  Rutherford B. Hayes - Jun 27, 1861 - Jun 8, 1865, Army, 23rd Ohio Volunteers


4.  James A. Garfield - Aug 14, 1861 - Dec 1863, Army, 42nd Ohio Volunteers


5.  Chester A. Arthur - Jul 10 - Dec 31, 1862, Militia, Served six months as quartermaster general of New York state troops


6.  Benjamin Harrison - Jul 14, 1862 - Jun 8, 1865, Army, 70th Indiana Regt.


7.  William McKinley - Jun 11, 1861 - Jul 26, 1865, Army, 23rd Ohio Volunteers



In what state was James Longstreet born?

South Carolina



At the battle of First Bull Run, Confederate General Joseph E, Johnston allowed Gen. P. G. T. Beauregard to be in command, even though Johnston outranked him. Why?

Because Beauregard was more familiar with the terrain.



Southerners had a distorted view of President-elect Lincoln in 1860, fearing him to be a figurehead, controlled by Seward. Seward was said to be a member of the radical antislavery wing of his party. Furthermore, Vice President-elect Hannibal Hamlin was rumored to be a ____?


Grant's ancestry begins in New England around the year 1630. Generations of Grants were mostly?




Name the only Confederate soldier to be pictured on Confederate currency?

Thomas J. "Stonewall" Jackson



General Robert E. Lee's ancestry can be traced back to where?




Phoebe Yates Levy Pember was a Confederate Hospital matron placed in charge of housekeeping and patient diet at Chimborazo Hospital in Richmond. This hospital would administer to nearly 76,000 wounded Confederates. What was the oddity about Pember?

The job had always been assigned to “males”



Most everyone seems to agree that the greatest battle in the war was fought where?

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania



What were "Gallinippers"

Insects, mosquitoes



What famous ridge was Gen. Longstreet ordered to attack at Gettysburg, but he delayed?

Cemetery Ridge



Who, among all the Union Generals first gave orders to raid civilian supplies, punish citizens for guerrilla attacks and had all male noncombatants arrested?

General John Pope



Six Southern states ‘dissolved their alliance to the Union’ and sent delegates to Montgomery on Feb. 4, 1861. The remaining Southern states seceded after what event?

The firing on Fort Sumter



Grant detested business but loved anything to do with what?




“Stonewall” was a great tactician who used these two specific methods for his many victories. What were they?

Surprise and envelopment



Robert E. Lee received how many demerits at West Point and graduated in what position in his 1825 class

0 demerits, 2nd in class



At the outset, Camp Chase, Columbus, Ohio, named after Salmon Chase, Secretary of Treasury, had an oddity concerning Confederate prisoners. What was it?

Prisoners were allowed to wander through the city, register in hotels and some attended the state senate during its sessions.



Both sides had many prisoners and many died during their imprisonment. True or False?




What was known as "Bragg's Body Guard"?

Body Lice



Gen Longstreet settled in what city in Georgia, dying there in Jan of 1904




What were the populations of the Union and the Confederacy?

Union - 20,700,000  Confederacy - 9,100,000



General Henry Wise, the ex-governor of Virginia and staunch Confederate, had an oddity about him.  What was it?

He was married to Union Gen. George Meade's sister



After the firing on the Union’s "Star of the West" vessel by Southern forts, the last Southerner remaining in the cabinet resigned. Who was he?

Jacob Thompson



What is Hayfoot Strawfoot

Command used to teach raw recruits the difference between left and right (respectively).



Following graduation from West Point and leaving the military, Grant desired what profession?

A college professor at a respectful college



Longstreet, although considered a superior corps leader, was said to lack prowess in strategy or independent command. True or False?




After Vicksburg surrendered to Union forces on July 4, 1863, how many years would pass before it, Vicksburg, would celebrate the 4th of July?

81 years



Where would the Army assign Lee for his first duty after graduation?

Hampton Roads



What was the name of Jefferson Davis’s first wife? What was so unique about the young lady?

Sarah Knox Taylor. She was the daughter of former U.S President Zachary Taylor.



The war witnessed more than 10,000 battles, skirmishes (brief encounters) and forays (raids). True or False?




What or who were "Yellow Hammers"?

A good natured term for Alabama troops



Who or what was a Tar Heel? What is its origin?

North Carolina soldier. North Carolina’s principle products in early history were “tar, pitch and turpentine.” Why “Tar and Heel”? During a battle, North Carolina’s soldiers had refused to “give-up ground” to advancing Union forces. Afterwards, fellow Confederate soldiers wanted to know if the boys from North Carolina had any more of that tar, so that others could “put it on their heels and stick,” and not retreat, during battle. Gen. Lee then exclaimed: “God bless the Tar Heel boys!" Since Lee’s words, the name stuck.



What is a carte de visite?

A photograph on a small card.


Recommended Reading: The Civil War: Strange & Fascinating Facts (Hardcover). Description: After a lifetime of reading, Burke Davis put together a book of amazing and interesting pieces of information that don't usually show up in the historical accounts of the Civil War. ...Wonderfully entertaining look at some intriguing oddities, unusual incidents, soldiers' stories, and colorful personalities connected with the Civil War. It includes 25 names the war was known by, personal quirks of Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson. Take a look at some interesting examples below.

Here are a few examples of his research:

The Civil War was known by more than twenty-five names. The most unusual include: The Brothers War; The War to Suppress Yankee Arrogance; The War for the Union; and The War of the Rebellion.

Abraham Lincoln had smallpox when he gave the Gettysburg Address and several members of his wife's family were soldiers in the Confederate Army. Also, President Lincoln admitted that one of his favorite tunes was "Dixie."

General Nathan Bedford Forrest, CSA, had twenty-nine horses shot from beneath him during the war. Belle Boyd started her career as a spy for the South when, at the age of seventeen, she killed a Federal soldier. After the war, about 3,000 former Confederate officers left the South and moved to foreign countries.


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Just one of the accounts which I loved… It tells of when Sam and Keith Blalock joined the Twenty-sixth North Carolina Regiment, they claimed to be old friends who were distantly related. It was months before anyone discovered "Sam's" real name was Melinda. When Keith signed up to fight the Yankees, his wife put on a man's attire and went with him to war. I found this book (research) to be the most interesting and fascinating read.


Recommended Reading: More Civil War Curiosities: Fascinating Tales, Infamous Characters, and Strange Coincidences. Description: Garrison recounts numerous instances of friendly fire casualties, the unperfected art of spying, banishments and deportations, grisly tales of missing limbs, disguises, and much more. The unusual and the bizarre are the continual trademarks of this work. The stories are lively, interesting and even thought provoking. The work takes you outside the realm of modern textbooks to give you the inside scoop of the Civil War. A truly fascinating read! Continued below…

A Reader's Review: "I have three of Garrison's books: The Amazing Civil War, Civil War Curiosities, and More Civil War Curiosities. I would recommend each and every book to anyone! The facts that Garrison writes about are both interesting and captivating and being a high school American History teacher, I plan on using the facts that I have found no where else to captivate my students and give them a perspective on the war that they may have never found otherwise."


Recommended Reading: Civil War Trivia and Fact Book: Unusual and Often Overlooked Facts About America's Civil War. Description: More than 1,600 interesting and little-known facts are assembled in this unique volume that will tantalize Civil War buffs. Fascinating trivia and facts abound in this rich collection about America's most brutal and intriguing war. Questions are presented in categories that make it easy to test your knowledge. Also included are interesting sidebar articles, lists of little-known facts, anecdotes, and over 50 unusual black-and-white photographs. With a thorough index, 2,000 Questions and Answers about the Civil War, it provides a valuable resource for students, researchers, and Civil War buffs.


Recommended Reading: The Politically Incorrect Guide to the Civil War (Politically Incorrect Guides). Description: Get ready for a rousing rebel yell as bestselling author H.W. Crocker, III (Robert E. Lee on Leadership) charges through bunkers and battlefields in The Politically Incorrect Guide(TM) to the Civil War. Crocker busts myths and shatters stereotypes as he profiles eminent--and colorful--military generals while taking readers through chapters such as "The Civil War in Sixteen Battles You Should Know" and culminating in the most politically incorrect chapter of all, "What if the South Had Won." Revealing little-known truths, like why Robert E. Lee had a higher regard for African Americans than Lincoln did, this is the "P.I.G." that every Civil War buff and Southern partisan will want on their bookshelf, in their classroom, and under their Christmas tree. Continued below…

From the Inside Flap: Think you know the Civil War? You don't know the full story until you read The Politically Incorrect GuideTM to the Civil War. Bestselling author and former Conservative Book Club editor H. W. Crocker III offers a quick and lively study of America's own Iliad--the Civil War--in this provocative and entertaining addition to The Politically Incorrect GuideTM series. In The Politically Incorrect GuideTM to the Civil War Crocker profiles eminent--and colorful--military generals including the noble Lee, the controversial Sherman, the indefatigable Grant, the legendary Stonewall Jackson, and the notorious Nathan Bedford Forrest. He also includes thought-provoking chapters such as "The Civil War in Sixteen Battles You Should Know" and the most devastatingly politically incorrect chapter of all, "What If the South Had Won?" Along the way, he reveals a huge number of little-known truths, including why Robert E. Lee had a higher regard for African Americans than Lincoln did; how, if there had been no Civil War, the South would have abolished slavery peaceably (as every other country in the Western Hemisphere did in the nineteenth century); and how the Confederate States of America might have helped the Allies win World War I sooner. Bet your history professor never told you:

* Leading Northern generals--like McClellan and Sherman--hated abolitionists

* Bombing people "back to the Stone Age" got its start with the Federal siege of Vicksburg

* General Sherman professed not to know which was "the greater evil": slavery or democracy

* Stonewall Jackson founded a Sunday school for slaves where he taught them how to read

* General James Longstreet fought the Battle of Sharpsburg in his carpet slippers

This is the Politically Incorrect GuideTM that every Civil War buff and Southern partisan--and everyone who is tired of liberal self-hatred that vilifies America's greatest heroes--must have on his bookshelf.


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