Jonathan Parker Genealogy

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Jonathan Parker Genealogy

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Jonathan Parker

Willis Parker's (son of Jonathan) home from 1890-1905 
Photographed by the Editor

Picture of a Cherokee County Home
Cherokee County Home.jpg
(Cherokee, North Carolina)

Mr. and Mrs. Willis Parker spent their latter years in this home. The home is located adjacent the Valley River and approximately 350 yards from the Willis Parker--Johnson Greybeard Cemetery*. Willis' father, Jonathan Parker, is interred adjacent this house in the Jonathan Parker Family Cemetery.
Photo: September 2006

*The Willis Parker--Johnson Greybeard Cemetery is a private cemetery and is located approximately 2 miles west of Andrews, North Carolina. I am indebted to Mr. William M. Palmer for allowing me access to the Willis Parker--Johnson Greybeard Cemetery. I am also very grateful to Mr. William M. Palmer for sharing his vast knowledge of the Parkers and Greybeards. Additional photos are available via request:

Do you possess additional information, documents, references, corrections, or photos regarding  Jonathan Parker and family? If so, please contact me. Most Respectfully, Matthew D. Parker

Parker, Jonathan 
Birth: 1792 Surry Co., N.C.
Death: JUL 1866 Cherokee Co., N.C.
Gender: Male
Father: Parker, William S. , Sr.
Mother: Anderson, Martha Pleasant

             Blythe, Leoma  
             Birth: ABT. 1798
             Death: Cherokee Co., N.C.
             Gender: Female
                   Father: Blythe, Jonathan
                   Mother: Barnes, Annie
Parker, Willis
Parker, John A.
Parker, Clarinda
Parker, Lucinda
Parker, Elizabeth Ann
Parker, Leoma C.
Parker, James
Parker, William Asbury
Parker, Joseph Powell
Parker, Mary Ann

The Parkers were very close friends with the Blythes, Greybeards (Census sheets sometimes reflect Graybeard), Adams, Welches, and Whitakers. After the American Civil War, many Parkers relocated to Delaware and Sequoyah Counties, Cherokee Nation (one of the Five Civilized Tribes and former parent to the Eastern Band of Cherokee Nation), Oklahoma.
Their son James may have served in the 6th North Carolina Cavalry Regiment.
For more information about the 6th Cavalry Regiment of North Carolina, see: Western North Carolina Civil War Regiments, aka Mountaineers; Highlanders.
Prior to the Civil War, Jonathan and most of his descendants were farmers.

Jonathan first settled on Jonathan's Creek in Haywood County (then part of Buncombe County). Family tradition has it that Jonathan's Creek was named for Jonathan Parker. Jonathan moved to Cherokee County in 1829 and acquired a large boundary of land near Marble from the state of North Carolina. Also, this land later had several marble quarries and three talc mines, and the finishing plant of the Columbia Marble County. Jonathan Parker raised his family in Valley Township, Cherokee County, N.C.

Source:  Cherokee County Heritage.

Birth: BET. 1789 - 1792 in SC
Death: AFT. 20 JUL 1866 in Cherokee County, NC
Burial: Parker Family Cemetery, Marble, Cherokee County, NC
Will: 20 MAY 1866 Cherokee County, NC

SOURCE: Excerpt from OUR HERITAGE by Margaret Walker Freel, the Miller Printing Company, Asheville, NC, 1956, p. 325:
PARKER--(Mrs. Rhuell Parker and Pearl Parker). Jonathan Parker m. Nancy Anna Blythe. The family moved from Haywood County, then Buncombe County, to Valley River about 1830. He took grants of land presently owned by the Columbia Marble County. He reared a family of ten children.
When the stars fell in 1833,
John A. Parker, then a small boy, was in the yard. He called his mother to get up, saying, "All the stars are falling." She told him to go back to bed, that all the stars wouldn't fall. She didn't get up and missed seeing the fearful spectacle.

Jonathan Parker's Last Will and Testament:

In the name of God Amen

I, Jonathan Parker being low in health but of
sound mind do make this my last Will and Testament.
I will my Soul to God who gave it and body
to be buried in Christian like manner
or at the will of my friends.

Now as to the Estate or property with which
it has please God to bestow ? me with in this life.

I do will and bequeath as follows ( Viz. )
First I will to my beloved wife Naonary (sic)
Parker my home Plantation containing one hundred & sixty
seven acres ( more or less ) and also a Small Tract
of Land on the waters of Snowbird Creek containing
one hundred acres together with all my live stock
such as Horses, Cattle, Sheep and Hogs----and also the
Household I Kitchen Furniture together with the
Plantation tools--during the lifetime of my said wife
Naonary (sic) Parker.  And at her Death the remainder
of the property which She may have on hand--I wish it to
be put up and sold to the highest bidder & the proceeds
Equally divided among her children--In
witness whereof I the said Jonathan Parker have
hereunto set my hand & seal--this Fifth day of October
Jonathan Parker   ( Seal )

Attest E.G. Morvan
T. N. Colvard

I do hereby appoint my two sons Willis Parker &
John Parker as my Lawful Executors.
In witness where of I set my hand and Seal this
20th day of May 1866

Jonathan Parker   ( Seal )

T. N. Colvard
E. G. Morvan

State of N. Carolina}Court of pleas and
quarters Sessions Cherokee County}July ( unreadable) 1867
There was brought into open Court a paper writing
Purporting to be the last Will and Testament of
Jonathan Parker desc. & which proven by the Oath of
E. G. Morvan one of the subscribing witnesses
thereto for the purposes therein contained.
D. Weeks Clk.
Minute Docket page 82
Recorded Will Book page 5
WILL: In his Cherokee County Will signed 20 May 1866, Jonathan Parker names his wife and two sons: Willis and John Parker; proven in the July 1867 Court.


Record of Deeds Probated, 1837-1875: Deed of conveyance of 640-acre tract from several Indians to
State, Apr., 1838; deed of conveyance and power of attorney from John Welch (Indian) to Jonathan
Blyth and Jonathan Parker, June, 1838; power of attorney from Peggy, Samuel, Williston, and
William Jones (Indian) to Dillard Love, Sept., 1841

Notes for Leoma Blythe:
Her half-brother Jackson Blythe served as a (Brevet) 2nd Lieutenant, Co B, in Thomas' Legion of Indians and Highlanders
Thomas' Legion, Loves' Regiment, Company B, Infantry - Cherokee Indian Company

Blythe, Jonathan
Birth: ABT. 1772 S.C.
Death: 1865 Rabun Co., GA..
Gender: Male
Father: Blythe, William
Mother: Osborne, Sarah
Barnes, Annie
Birth: 1774 S.C.
Gender: Female
Blythe, Sarah
Blythe, Elizabeth
Blythe, Leoma
Blythe, James
Blythe, Rebecca
Blythe, Mary Ann
Blythe, Stacey
Gender: Female
Littledog, Quatsie
Gender: Female
Blythe, Jackson
Census Tracking Sheets

1810 Buncombe Census

1820 Buncombe Census
William S. Parker        000010-00101-0100
Census Haywood 1820 (Parker first appeared in Haywood census in 1820)
Parker, William Sin.     030001-01001-0100
Parker, William Jun.     000100-20100-0100
Parker, Solomon          201100-20010-0100
Parker, Jonathan         100010-00100-0100
Census Haywood 1830
PARKER, William Senr.   0000100100000-0000100010000     4 (In Household)
PARKER, William         2100010000000-0120010000000     8   " " "
PARKER, John            2000100000000-1200200000000     8
PARKER, Andrew          0002000010000-0001100010000             6
PARKER, Solomon         1110010000000-2201010000000             10
Census Macon 1830
Jonathan Parker; 1m 5-10, 1m 10-15, 1m 30-40; 2f 0-5, 2f 5-10, 1f 15-
20, 1f 30-40Parker, Jonathan

1840 census Cherokee
241 7   PARKER          Johnithan   pg00237
CENSUS: 1840 Unknown District, Cherokee County, NC: Johnthan Parker 2M under 5, 1M 5-10, 1M 15-20, 1M 20-30, 1M 40-50, 1F under 5, 2F 10-15, 2F 15-20, 1F 40-50.

Census Haywood 1840
PARKER, Andrew          0000200000001-0000001000100             5
PARKER, Solomon         0100101000000-1011010000000             7
PARKER, William V.              0000100000000-0000100000000             2
PARKER, John H.         1120010000000-1001010000000             8
PARKER, William S.              2212000100000-1100101000000             12
PARKER, Andrew          0000200000001-0000001000100             5
PARKER, William V.              0000100000000-0000100000000             2
PARKER, William S.              2212000100000-1100101000000             12
1840 Macon Census
151 11  PARKER          Cornwell      pg00150
164 6   PARKER          Pleas.        pg00158
164 6   PARKER          Pleas.            0     1     0     0     0     1     0     0     0
1850 Macon Census
PARKER 336A-349B-359A-372B-378A
Census Haywood 1850
PARKER 167B-187B-188A-188B-189A-191A-195A
1850 census Cherokee:
.... Jonathan...60 m...Farmer...SC
.... Leomi...53 f......SC
.... Leomi...23 f......NC
.... James...18 m...Farmer...NC
.... William A....16 m...Farmer...NC
.... Joseph...14 m......NC
.... Mary A....12 f......NC
.... Clarinda E....3 f......NC
.... Willis...31 m...Farmer...NC
.... Adaline...22 f......NC
.... John R....7 m......NC
.... William...5 m......NC
.... Louisa M....3 f......NC
.... Sophia...1/12 f......NC

.... Martin...41 m...Farmer...NC
.... Jane...41 f......NC
.... Nancy E....12 f......NC
Population: 6,958; 1,141 families
Value of real estate owned: $485,688
Attended school within the year: 1,103
Persons over 20 who cannot read and write: 1,215

 John            23 NC
 Rebecca         29 NC
 William          2
 Andrew        5/12
 Jason           29 NC

 Pleasant        41 NC
 Rebecca         37 NC
 Alfred         17 NC
 Nancy           15 NC
 Amanda          13 NC
 Levada  11 NC
 John             7 NC
 William         26 NC
 Malinda         21 NC
 Chapel           2
 James        11/12
CENSUS: 1850 Unknown Township, Cherokee County, NC: 790/790 Willis Parker 31M Farmer 75 NC, Adaline 22F NC, John R 7M NC, William 5M SCarolina, Louisa M 3F NC, Sophia 1/12F NC.

1850 Unknown Township, Cherokee County, NC: 775/775 Johnathan Parker 60M Farmer 1000 SCarolina, Leomi 53F SCarolina, Leomi 23F NC, James 18M Farmer NC, William A 16M Farmer NC, Joseph 14M NC, Mary A 12F NC, Clarinda (L?) 3F NC, Jasper Moss 17M Laborer NC, Harret Moss 12F NC, Polly Moss 10F NC, Lucinda Moss 8F NC, Lauretta Moss 5F NC.

1860 Murphy PO, Murphy Dist. Cherokee County, NC: 1427/1427 Willis Parker 41M Farmer 1000/1500 Macon County, NC, Adaline 33F Wilkes County, NC, John R 16M Cherokee County, NC, William 14M Cherokee County, NC, Lewesa M 12F Cherokee County, NC, Sophea E 9F Cherokee County, NC, Eugene 6F Cherokee County, NC, Joseph 4M Cherokee County, NC, Edwen A 2M Cherokee County, NC.

1860 Valley Town PO, Valley Town District, Cherokee County, NC: 1369/1369 Jonathan Parker 68M Farmer 3100/1000 Union County, GA?, Leoma 62F Greenville Dist, SC, Frances Adams 39M Jackson County, NC, Mary Ann 21F Cherokee County, NC, Lucreta 2F Cherokee County, NC.

1860 census Cherokee:

.... William L....68 m...Farmer...Surry Co., NC
.... Jane...63 f......Rowan Co., NC
.... Martha J....26 f......Jackson Co., GA
.... Jesse M....22 m......Jackson Co., GA

.... William C....26 m...Farmer...Jackson Co., NC
.... Manda M....23 f......Towns Co., GA
.... Roda L....2 f......Cherokee Co., NC
.... Sarah L....6/12 f......Cherokee Co., NC

.... Bithline...64 f...Widow...Lumpkin Co., GA
Parker, John...41 m......Lumpkin Co., GA
Parker, Joseph...50 m...Miner...Lumpkin Co., GA
Shook, William...12 m......Jackson Co., NC
Shook, John...5 m......Towns Co., GA

.... Elizabeth...32 f...House Keeper...Macon Co., NC
.... Elizabeth...10 f......Cherokee Co., NC
.... Ivy Ann...8 f......Cherokee Co., NC
.... Martha ...6 f......Cherokee Co., NC

.... Jonathan...68 m...Farmer...Union Co., GA
.... Leoma...62 f......Greenville Dist. SC
Adams, Francis...29 m......Jackson Co., NC
Adams, Mary Ann...21 f......Cherokee Co., NC
Adams, Luereta...2 f......Cherokee Co., NC

.... William A....24 m...Farmer...Cherokee Co., NC
.... Nancy...26 f......Macon Co., NC
.... Sarah E....4 f......Cherokee Co., NC
.... John...2 m......Cherokee Co., NC

.... Willis...41 m...Farmer...Macon Co., NC
.... Adaline...33 f......Wilkes Co., NC
.... John R....16 m......Cherokee Co., NC
.... William...14 m......Cherokee Co., NC
.... Lewisa M....12 f......Cherokee Co., NC
.... Sophia E....9 f......Cherokee Co., NC
.... Eugene...6 f......Cherokee Co., NC
.... Joseph...4 m......Cherokee Co., NC
.... Edwin A....2 m......Cherokee Co., NC

.... Alexander...33 m...Farmer...Macon Co., NC
.... Mary...31 f......Buncombe Co., NC
.... John...9 m......Macon Co., NC
.... Josephine...7 f......Cherokee Co., NC
.... Harriet...5 f......Cherokee Co., NC
.... Ellen...3 f......Cherokee Co., NC

.... Lilly...59 f...Widow...Henderson Co., NC
.... George W....17 m......Henderson Co., NC

.... Nathan...43 m...Farmer...Jackson Co., NC
.... Anna ...^^ f......Spartanburg Dist. SC
.... Vina...14 f......Cherokee Co., NC
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Shooting Creek District; P.O.: Shooting Creek
p.166 - 250A

.... Alfred...9 m......Cherokee Co., NC
.... Mary J....7 f......Cherokee Co., NC
.... Nancy M....2 f......Cherokee Co., NC

1870 Valley Town Township, Valley Town PO, Cherokee County, NC: 23/23 Parker Willis 51M Farmer 400/500 NC, Adaline 43F Keeping House NC, William 25M Farm Laborer SC, Mariah 21F At Home NC, Sophia 18F At Home NC, Parker Eugenia 16F At Home NC, Joseph 13M Farm Laborer NC, Augustus 11M Farm Laborer NC, Jefferson 9M Farm Laborer NC, Mary 6F At Home NC, Johnathan 3M At Home NC.

Gloucester Township       
1870 Census -  Transylvania County, NC 
55  Parker, Pleasant 60    M W  Farmer    [blk] 100
    ",  Rebecca  60    F W

1900 ED 9, Valleytown Township, Cherokee County, NC: 289/289 Parker William B Head Dec 1845 54 M 25 SC NC NC, Clarinda E Wife June 1848 51 M 25 7/5 children NC NC NC, Florence B Daughter May 1873 27 S NC SC NC, Charlie V Son Aug 1875 24 S NC SC NC, Gustus E Son June 1880 19 S NC SC NC, Daisey Daughter July 1883 16 S NC SC NC, Mary M Daughter Jan 1885 15 NC SC NC, Willis Father Apr 1819 81 Wd NC NC SC, John Uncle July 1821 78 Wd NC NC SC.

Recommended Reading: Western North Carolina: A History from 1730 to 1913 (Hardcover: 679 pages). Description: From the introduction to the appendix, this volume is filled with interesting information. Covering seventeen counties—Alleghany, Ashe, Avery, Buncombe, Cherokee, Clay, Graham, Haywood, Henderson, Jackson, Macon, Madison, Mitchell, Swain, Transylvania, Watauga, and Yancey—the author conducted about ten years searching and gathering materials. Continued...
About the Author: John Preston Arthur was born in 1851 in Columbia, South Carolina. After relocating to Asheville, North Carolina, in 1887, he was appointed Secretary of the Street Railway Company, and subsequently the Manager and Superintendent until 1894. Later, after becoming a lawyer, he was encouraged by the Daughters of the American Revolution (D.A.R.) to write a history of western North Carolina.

Recommended Reading: Touring the Western North Carolina Backroads (Touring the Backroads). Editorial Review: This guidebook, unlike most, is so encyclopedic in scope that I give it as a gift to newcomers to the area. It is also an invaluable reference for the visitor who wants to see more than the fabulous Biltmore Estate. Even though I am a native of the area, I learned nearly everything I know about Western North Carolina from this book alone and it is my primary reference. I am still amazed at how much fact, history and folklore [just enough to bring alive the curve of the road, the odd landmark, the abandoned building] is packed in its 300 pages. The author, who must have collapsed from exhaustion when she finished it, takes you on a detailed tour, laid out by the tenth of the mile, of carefully drawn sections of backroads that you can follow leisurely without getting lost. Continued below...

The author is completely absent from the text. The lucid style will please readers who want the facts, not editorial comment. This book, as well as the others in this publisher's backroads series, makes an excellent gift for anyone, especially the many seniors who have relocated, or are considering relocating to this fascinating region. It is also a valuable reference for natives, like me, who didn't know how much they didn't know.


Recommended Reading: Genealogy 101: How to Trace Your Family's History and Heritage. Description: A recent Maritz Poll reported that 60% of Americans are interested in their family history. And with good reason. Through genealogy, you can go back into history to meet people who have had more influence on your life than any others -- your ancestors. And the better you get to know your ancestors, the better you will get to know yourself: the who's and what's and why's of you. Barbara Renick, a nationally-known lecturer on genealogy, tells the uninitiated researcher the steps needed to find out who their ancestors really were, and brings together for even the more experienced genealogical researchers the important principles and practices. Continued below...

She covers such topics as the importance of staying organized and how to go about it; where and how to look for information in libraries, historical societies, and on the internet; recognizing that just because something is in print doesn't mean it's right; and how to prepare to visit the home where your ancestors lived. 

Genealogy 101 is the first book to read when you want to discover who your ancestors were, where they lived, and what they did.

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