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I created this personal, educational website, in 2005, because I enjoy researching, studying, and writing about the American Civil War, and as a disabled military veteran who requires daily assistance from my caregiver, the subject is therapeutic.
The short story of this nonprofit site is that I served in the military and am a 100% disabled veteran, so this site gives me encouragement and meaning in life as I continue each day to accept the fact that I lack mobility and am unable to enjoy many of the basic things of life, such as throwing the ball with my son, hiking with my daughters, going on a picnic with my wife, or (honestly) just a simple walk to the curb to check the mail. So the internet, this insignificant site, allows me the single opportunity to channel my energy into a setting of peace and happiness, and not to fall victim to perpetual self-pity and depression.
This website is best viewed with I.E.
While conveying history related material allows me respite, it also serves as a constant reminder to the writer of the scope, the scale, and the magnitude of the four year conflict that was host to some 620,000 deaths. The primary goal of this website is to allow every student, regardless of location, the uninhibited opportunity to freely study the American Civil War.
I am also a student of war and have studied and taught the subject on various levels, so forgive me for being absent the third person introduction or the lengthy list of spectacular accomplishments, but I want you to know that I absolutely appreciate your visit and hope that you enjoy your stay.

Thank you for visiting, The Webmaster


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