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Confederate Generals from West Point

Confederate Generals West Point.jpg

List of Confederate General Officers who graduated the United States Military Academy (West Point), with their Class and the order in which they were graduated. There is also a brief list of those Confederate Generals who attended West Point, but did not graduate.


Name Class
ADAMS, John 1846 (25)
ALEXANDER, Edward Porter 1857 (3)
ANDERSON, George Burgwyn 1852 (10)
ANDERSON, Joseph Reid 1836 (4)
ANDERSON, Richard Heron 1842 (40)
ANDERSON, Robert Houstoun 1857 (35)
BAKER, Laurence Simmons 1851 (42)
BARTON, Seth Maxwell 1849 (28)
BEALL, William Nelson Rector 1848 (30)
BEAUREGARD, Pierre Gustave Toutant 1838 (2)
BEE, Barnard Elliott 1845 (33)
BLANCHARD, Albert Gallatin 1829 (26)
BOGGS, William Robertson 1853 (4)
BOWEN, John Stevens 1853 (13)
BRAGG, Braxton 1837 (5)
BRYAN, Goode 1834 (25)
BUCKNER, Simon Bolivar 1844 (11)
BUFORD, Abraham 1841 (51)
CABELL, William Lewis 1850 (33)
CHAMBLISS, John Randolph Jr. 1853 (31)
CHILTON, Robert Hall 1837 (48)
COCKE, Philip St George 1832 (6)
COOPER, Samuel 1815 (36)
COSBY, George Blake 1852 (17)
CRITTENDEN, George Bibb 1832 (26)
CUMMING, Alfred 1849 (35)
DANIEL, Junius 1851 (33)
DAVIDSON, Henry Brevard 1853 (33)
DESHLER, James 1854 (7)
DONELSON, Daniel Smith 1825 (5)
DRAYTON, Thomas Fenwick 1828 (28)
DUNCAN, Johnson Kelly 1849 (5)
EARLY, Jubal Anderson 1837 (18)
ELZEY (JONES), Arnold 1837 (33)
EVANS, Nathan George 1848 (36)
EWELL, Richard Stoddert 1840 (13)
FERGUSON, Samuel Wragg 1857 (19)
FIELD, Charles William 1849 (27)
FORNEY, John Horace 1852 (22)
FRAZER, John Wesley 1849 (34)
FRENCH, Samuel Gibbs 1843 (14)
FROST, Daniel Marsh 1844 (4)
GARDNER, Franklin 1843 (17)
GARDNER, William Montgomery 1846 (55)
GARNETT, Richard Brooke 1841 (29)
GARNETT, Robert Seldon 1841 (27)
GATLIN, Richard Caswell 1832 (35)
GILMER, Jeremy Francis 1839 (4)
GORGAS, Josiah 1841 (6)
GRACIE, Archibald Jr. 1854 (14)
GRAYSON, John Breckinridge 1826 (22)
HARDEE, William Joseph 1838 (26)
HAWES, James Morrison 1845 (29)
HÉBERT, Louis 1845 (3)
HÉBERT, Paul Octave 1840 (1)
HELM, Benjamin Hardin 1851 (9)
HETH, Henry 1847 (38)
HILL, Ambrose Powell 1847 (15)
HILL, Daniel Harvey 1842 (28)
HOLMES, Theophilus Hunter 1829 (44)
HOOD, John Bell 1853 (44)
HUGER, Benjamin 1825 (8)
JACKSON, Thomas Jonathan 1846 (17)
JACKSON, William Hicks 1856 (38)
JOHNSON, Bushrod Rust 1840 (23)
JOHNSON, Edward 1838 (32)
JOHNSTON, Albert Sidney 1826 (8)
JOHNSTON, Joseph Eggleston 1829 (13)
JONES, David Rumph 1846 (41)
JONES, John Marshall 1841 (39)
JONES, Samuel 1841 (19)
JONES, William Edmondson 1848 (10)
JORDAN, Thomas 1840 (41)
LAWTON, Alexander Robert 1839 (13)
LEADBETTER, Danville 1836 (3)
LEE, Fitzhugh 1856 (45)
LEE, George Washington Custis 1854 (1)
LEE, Robert Edward 1829 (2)
LEE, Stephen Dill 1854 (17)
LOMAX, Lunsford Lindsay 1856 (21)
LONG, Armistead Lindsay 1850 (17)
1842 (54)
LOVELL, Mansfield 1842 (9)
LYON, Hylan Benton 1856 (19)
MACKALL, William Whann 1837 (8)
MAGRUDER, John Bankhead 1830 (15)
MAJOR, James Patrick 1856 (23)
MARMADUKE, John Sappington 1857 (30)
MARSHALL, Humphrey 1832 (42)
MARTIN, James Green 1840 (14)
MAURY, Dabney Herndon 1846 (37)
MAXEY, Samuel Bell 1846 (58)
MCCOWN, John Porter 1840 (10)
MCINTOSH, James McQueen 1849 (43)
MCLAWS, Lafayette 1842 (48)
MERCER, Hugh Weedon 1828 (3)
MOORE, John Creed 1849 (17)
MOUTON, Jean Jacques Alfred Alexander 1850 (38)
NICHOLLS, Francis Redding Tillou 1855 (12)
NORTHROP, Lucius Bellinger 1831 (22)
PEGRAM, John 1854 (10)
PEMBERTON, John Clifford 1837 (27)
PENDER, William Dorsey 1854 (19)
PENDLETON, William Nelson 1830 (5)
PICKETT, George Edward 1846 (59)
POLK, Leonidas 1827 (8)
RAINS, Gabriel James 1827 (13)
RAMSEUR, Stephen Dodson 1860 (14)
RANSOM, Robert Jr 1850 (18)
REYNOLDS, Alexander Welch 1838 (35)
RIPLEY, Roswell Sabine 1843 (7)
ROBERTSON, Beverly Holcombe 1849 (25)
RUGGLES, Daniel 1833 (34)
SEARS, Claudius Wistar 1841 (31)
SHOUP, Francis Asbury 1855 (15)
SIBLEY, Henry Hopkins 1838 (31)
SMITH, Edmund Kirby 1845 (25)
SMITH, Gustavus Woodson 1842 (8)
SMITH, James Argyle 1853 (45)
SMITH, Martin Luther 1842 (16)
SMITH, William Duncan 1846 (35)
STEELE, William 1840 (31)
STEUART, George Hume 1848 (37)
STEVENS, Walter Husted 1848 (4)
STEVENSON, Carter Littlepage 1838 (42)
STEWART, Alexander Peter 1842 (12)
STUART, James Ewell Brown 1854 (13)
THOMAS, Bryan Morel 1858 (22)
TILGHMAN, Lloyd 1836 (46)
TRAPIER, James Heyward 1838 (3)
TRIMBLE, Isaac Ridgeway 1822 (17)
VAN DORN, Earl 1842 (52)
VILLEPIGUE, John Bordenave 1854 (22)
WALKER, Henry Harrison 1853 (41)
WALKER, Lucius Marshall 1850 (15)
WALKER, William Henry Talbot 1837 (46)
WAYNE, Henry Constantine 1838 (14)
WHEELER, Joseph 1859 (19)
WHITING, William Henry Chase 1845 (1)
WILCOX, Cadmus Marcellus 1846 (54)
WINDER, Charles Sidney 1850 (22)
WINDER, John Henry 1820 (11)
WITHERS, Jones Mitchell 1835 (44)

Those who departed before graduation

Name Dates
ARMISTEAD, Lewis Addison Entered West Point 1834; resigned 1836.
DEARING, James Entered West Point 1858; resigned April 1861.
FRY, Birkett Davenport Entered West Point 1842; resigned 1843.
GOGGIN, James Monroe Entered West Point 1838; did not graduate.
HUMPHREYS, Benjamin Grubb Entered West Point 1825; dismissed 1826.
KELLY, John Herbert Entered West Point 1857; resigned 1860.
KIRKLAND, William Whedbee Entered West Point 1852; resigned 1855.
LIDDELL, St John Richardson Entered West Point 1833; dismissed 1835.
ROBERTSON, Felix Huston Entered West Point 1857; resigned January 1861.
ROSSER, Thomas Lafayette Entered West Point 1856; resigned April 1861.
STOVALL, Marcellus Augustus Entered West Point 1836; resigned 1837.
YOUNG, Pierce Manning Butler Entered West Point; resigned May 1861.


These lists have been based on several works: Ezra Warner's Generals in Gray, Francis Heitman's Historical Register and Dictionary of the U.S. Army and John and David Eicher's Civil War High Commands.

Recommended Reading: Rebels from West Point: The 306 U.S. Military Academy Graduates Who Fought for the Confederacy. Description: Rebels from West Point tells the story of the 306 Confederate Officers from the Academy who served the Confederacy. The author examines this fascinating group of officers, describing the heart-wrenching choice they made and how, even after they supported the South, they remained connected to the brotherhood of their former West Point cadets. Continued below...

Among the more famous personalities included in this band-of-brothers are Gen. Robert E. Lee, Gen. Thomas J. "Stonewall" Jackson, Gen. J. E. B. Stuart, Gen. A. P. Hill, Gen. James Longstreet, and Gen. John B. Hood.

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Recommended Reading: Generals in Gray: Lives of the Confederate Commanders. Description: When Generals in Gray was published in 1959, scholars and critics immediately hailed it as one of the few indispensable books on the American Civil War. Historian Stanley Horn, for example, wrote, "It is difficult for a reviewer to restrain his enthusiasm in recommending a monumental book of this high quality and value." Here at last is the paperback edition of Ezra J. Warner’s magnum opus with its concise, detailed biographical sketches and—in an amazing feat of research—photographs of all 425 Confederate generals. Continued below...

The only exhaustive guide to the South’s command, Generals in Gray belongs on the shelf of anyone interested in the Civil War. 5 STARS!


Recommended Reading: Lee's Lieutenants: A Study in Command (912 pages). Description: Hailed as one of the greatest Civil War books, this exhaustive study is an abridgement of the original three-volume version. It is a history of the Army of Northern Virginia from the first shot fired to the surrender at Appomattox - but what makes this book unique is that it incorporates a series of biographies of more than 150 Confederate officers. The book discusses in depth all the tradeoffs that were being made politically and militarily by the South. Continued below...

The book does an excellent job describing the battles, then at a critical decision point in the battle, the book focuses on an officer - the book stops and tells the biography of that person, and then goes back to the battle and tells what information the officer had at that point and the decision he made. At the end of the battle, the officers decisions are critiqued based on what he "could have known and what he should have known" given his experience, and that is compared with 20/20 hindsight. "It is an incredibly well written book!"

Recommended Reading: Young Lions: Confederate Cadets at War. Description: "In making soldiers of them," said Confederate president Jefferson Davis regarding the mobilization of his nation’s youths, "we are grinding the seed corn." Yet, the bloody millstones of war ground them--and nowhere more noticeably than at the Confederacy’s de facto "West Points." The legend of the Southern cadets is one of "untrained boys wastefully flung in the path of Yankee armies as the Confederacy came to a turbulent end." The reality, however, is one of highly trained young men who rendered valuable service from the earliest days of the war and, when confronting the enemy on the battlefield, acquitted themselves as well as veteran troops did. Continued below...

The Young Lions: Confederate Cadets at War is the story of the Southern cadets at four major military colleges during the Civil War—the Georgia Military Institute, the South Carolina Military Academy (Columbia’s Arsenal campus and the Citadel in Charleston), the University of Alabama, and the Virginia Military Institute. It is also the story of the Confederate government’s lack of a cohesive policy toward military colleges and its failure to adequately support the institutions that fostered its officer corps. This study is the first thorough examination of the interrelationships and common challenges of the South’s major military colleges, giving a detailed history of these Southern institutions. James Lee Conrad discusses the cadets’ day-to-day lives as well as the academic and military systems of the schools. From the opening of the Virginia Military Institute in 1839, through the struggles of all the schools to remain open during the war, the death of Stonewall Jackson, and the Pyrrhic victory of the Battle of New Market to the burning of the University of Alabama, Conrad reveals the everyday heroism of cadets both on and off the battlefield.
Recommended Reading: Staff Officers in Gray: A Biographical Register of the Staff Officers in the Army of Northern Virginia (Hardcover) (360 pages) (The University of North Carolina Press) (September 3, 2008). Description: This indispensable Civil War reference profiles 2,300 staff officers in Robert E. Lee's famous Army of Northern Virginia. A typical entry includes the officer's full name, the date and place of his birth and death, details of his education and occupation, and a synopsis of his military record. Continued below...

Two appendixes provide a list of more than 3,000 staff officers who served in other armies of the Confederacy and complete rosters of known staff officers of each general in the Army of Northern Virginia.

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