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Second Battle of Bull Run: Union Army

Second Battle of Bull Run: Union Order of Battle
28-30 August 1862

Army of Virginia
Maj. Gen. John Pope, Commanding

I Corps, Army of Virginia (Maj. Gen. Franz Sigel)
1st Division (Brig. Gen. Robert C. Schenck)
1st Brigade (Brig. Gen. Julius H. Stahel)
27th Pennsylvania
8th New York
41st New York
45th New York
2d Brigade (Col. Nathaniel C. McLean)
25th Ohio
55th Ohio
73d Ohio
75th Ohio
2d Division (merged in the others)
3d Division (Brig. Gen. Carl Schutz)
1st Brigade (Col. Alexander Schimmelfennig)
61st Ohio
74th Pennsylvania
8th West Virginia
2d Brigade (Col. Wladimir Krzyzanowski)
54th New York
58th New York
75th Pennsylvania
3d Brigade (Col. John A. Koltes)
29th New York
68th New York
73d Pennsylvania
Independent Brigade (Brig. Gen. Robert H. Milroy)
2d West Virginia
3d West Virginia
5th West Virginia
1st West Virginia Cavalry
82d Ohio
Artillery of the I Corps, Army of Virginia
K, 1st Ohio Light (Haskin's)
2d New York Light (Schirmer's)
F, Pennsylvania Light (Hampton's)
L, 2d New York Light (Roemer's)
I, 1st Ohio Light (Dilger's)
12th Battery, Ohio Light (Johnson's)
I, 1st New York Light (Wiedrich's)
13th Battery, New York Light (Dieckmann's)
C, West Virginia Light (Hill's)

II Corps, Army of Virginia (Maj. Gen. Nathaniel P. Banks)
1st Division (Brig. Gen. Alpheus S. Williams)
1st Brigade (Brig. Gen. Samuel W. Crawford)
10th Maine
46th Pennsylvania
28th New York
5th Connecticut
2d Brigade (merged in the others)
3d Brigade (Brig. Gen. George H. Gordon)
2d Massachusetts
3d Wisconsin
27th Indiana
2d Division (Brig. Gen. George S. Greene)
1st Brigade (Col. Charles Candy)
5th Ohio
7th Ohio
29th Ohio
66th Ohio
28th Pennsylvania
2d Brigade (Col. M. Schlaudecker)
109th Pennsylvania
111th Pennsylvania
3d Maryland
102d New York
8th U.S. Infantry
12th U.S. Infantry
3d Brigade (Col. James A. Tait)
1st District of Columbia
78th New York
60th New York
Purnell Legion, Maryland
3d Delaware
Artillery of the II Corps, Army of Virginia
4th Battery, Maine Light (Robinson's)
6th Battery, Maine Light (McGilvery's)
M Battery, 1st New York Light (Cothran's)
10th Battery, New York Light (Bruen's)
E Battery, Pennsylvania Light (Knap's)
F Battery, 4th U.S. (Best's)

III Corps, Army of Virginia (Maj. Gen. Irvin McDowell)
1st Division (Brig. Gen. John P. Hatch vice Rufus King)
1st Brigade (Col. Timothy Sullivan vice John P. Hatch)
2d U.S. Sharpshooters
22d New York
24th New York
30th New York
84th New York
2d Brigade (Brig. Gen. Abner Doubleday)
56th Pennsylvania
76th New York
95th New York
3d Brigade (Brig. Gen. Marsena R. Patrick)
21st New York
23d New York
25th New York
80th New York
4th Brigade (Brig. Gen. John Gibbon)
2d Wisconsin
19th Indiana
6th Wisconsin
7th Wisconsin
2d Division (Brig. Gen. James B. Ricketts)
1st Brigade (Brig. Gen. Abram Duryee)
97th New York
104th New York
105th New York
107th New York
2d Brigade (Brig. Gen. Zealous B. Tower)
26th New York
94th New York
88th Pennsylvania
90th Pennsylvania
3d Brigade (Col. John W. Stiles)
11th Pennsylvania
83d New York
12th Massachusetts
13th Massachusetts
4th Brigade (Col. Joseph Thoburn)
1st West Virginia
84th Pennsylvania
110th Pennsylvania
7th Indiana
Pennsylvania Reserves (Brig. Gen. John F. Reynolds)
1st Brigade (Brig. Gen. George G. Meade)
1st Rifles
3d Infantry
4th Infantry
7th Infantry
8th Infantry
2d Brigade (Brig. Gen. Truman Seymour)
1st Infantry
2d Infantry
5th Infantry
6th Infantry
3d Brigade (Brig. Gen. Conrad E Jackson)
9th Infantry
10th Infantry
11th Infantry
12th Infantry
Artillery of the III Corps, Army of Virginia (Major Tellson, Chief of Artillery)
1st Battery, New Hampshire Light (Gerrish's)
D Battery, 1st Rhode Island Light (Monroe's)
B Battery, 4th U.S. (Campbell's)
C Battery, 5th U.S. (Ransom's)
2d Battery, Maine Light (Hall's)
5th Battery, Maine Light (Leppien's)
A Battery, Pennsylvania Light (Simpson's)
B Battery, Pennsylvania Light (Cooper's)
C Battery, Pennsylvania Light (Thompson's)
G Battery, Pennsylvania Light (Kerns')

Cavalry of the Army of Virginia
Cavalry of the I Corps
Buford's Brigade (Brig. Gen. John Buford)
1st Michigan
1st Vermont
1st West Virginia
Beardsley's Brigade (Brig. Gen. John Beardsley)
1st Connecticut Battalion
1st Maryland
4th New York
9th New York
6th Ohio
Cavalry of the III Corps
Bayard's Brigade (Brig. Gen. George D. Bayard)
1st New Jersey
1st Pennsylvania
1st Rhode Island
1st Maine
1st New York

III Corps, Army of the Potomac (Maj. Gen. Samuel P. Heintzelman)
1st Division (Maj. Gen. Philip Kearny)
1st Brigade (Brig. Gen. John C. Robinson)
20th Indiana
63d Pennsylvania
105th Pennsylvania
30th Ohio (6 companies)
2d Brigade (Brig. Gen. David D. Birney)
1st New York
38th New York
40th New York
101st New York
57th Pennsylvania
3d Maine
4th Maine
3d Brigade (Col. Orlando M. Poe)
37th New York
2d Michigan
3d Michigan
5th Michigan
99th Pennsylvania
2d Division (Maj. Gen. Joseph Hooker)
1st Brigade (Brig. Gen. Cuvier Grover)
1st Massachusetts
11th Massachusetts
16th Massachusetts
2d New Hampshire
26th Pennsylvania
2d (or Excelsior) Brigade (Col. Nelson Taylor)
70th New York
71st New York
72d New York
73d New York
74th New York
3d Brigade (Col. Joseph B. Carr)
2d New York
5th New Jersey
6th New Jersey
7th New Jersey
8th New Jersey
115th Pennsylvania
Artillery of the III Corps, Army of the Potomac
K Battery, 1st U.S. (Graham's)
E Battery, 1st Rhode Island (Randolph's)
6th Battery, Maine Light (McGilvery's)

V Corps, Army of the Potomac (Maj. Gen. Fitz-John Porter)
1st Division (Maj. Gen. George W. Morell)
1st Brigade (Col. James Barnes)
2d Maine
18th Massachusetts
22d Massachusetts
13th New York
25th New York
1st Michigan
2d Brigade (Brig. Gen. Charles Griffin)
9th Massachusetts
32d Massachusetts
14th New York
62d Pennsylvania
4th Michigan
3d Brigade (Brig. Gen. Dan Butterfield)
12th New York
17th New York
44th New York
16th Michigan
83d Pennsylvania
1st U.S.
2d Division (Brig. Gen. George Sykes)
1st Brigade (Lt. Col. Robert C. Buchanan)
3d U.S. Infantry
4th U.S. Infantry
12th U.S. Infantry, 1st Battalion
14th U.S. Infantry, 1st Battalion
14th U.S. Infantry, 2d Battalion
2d Brigade (Lt. Col. William Chapman)
1st U.S. Infantry (Company G)
2d U.S. Infantry
6th U.S. Infantry
10th U.S. Infantry
11th U.S. Infantry
17th U.S. Infantry
3d Brigade (Col. Gouverneur K. Warren)
5th New York
10th New York
Piatt's Brigade (Brig. Gen. A. Sanders Piatt)
86th New York
63d Indiana
Artillery of the V Corps, Army of the Potomac
3d Massachusetts Battery (Martin's)
C Battery, 1st Rhode Island Light (Waterman's)
E and G Batteries, 1st U.S. (Randolph's)
D Battery, 5th U.S. (Hazlett's)
I Battery, 5th U.S. (Weed's)
K Battery, 5th U.S. (Smead's)

IX Corps, Army of the Potomac (Brig. Gen. Jesse L. Reno)
1st Division (Brig. Gen. Isaac I. Stevens)

1st Brigade (Col. Benjamin C. Christ)
8th Michigan
50th Pennsylvania
2d Brigade (Col. Daniel Leasure)
100th Pennsylvania
46th New York
3d Brigade (Col. Addison Farnsworth)
79th New York
28th Massachusetts
2d Division (Brig. Gen. Jesse L. Reno)
1st Brigade (Col. James Nagle)
48th Pennsylvania
2d Maryland
6th New Hampshire
2d Brigade (Col. Edward Ferrero)
51st New York
51st Pennsylvania
21st Massachusetts
Artillery of the IX Corps, Army of the Potomac
E Battery, 2d U.S. (Benjamin's)
D Battery, Pennsylvania Light (Durell's)

Sources: Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies; Center of Military History, United States Army, Washington, D.C.

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