2nd Battle of Bull Run Confederate Army Order of Battle

Thomas' Legion
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Second Battle of Bull Run Confederate Army Order of Battle

2nd Battle of Bull Run: Confederate Order of Battle
28-30 August 1862

Army of Northern Virginia
General Robert E. Lee, Commanding

Right Wing (Lt. Gen. James Longstreet)
Hood's (Evans') Division (Brig. Gen. Nathan G. Evans)
Hood's Brigade (Brig. Gen. John B. Hood)

1st Texas
4th Texas
5th Texas
18th Georgia
Hampton's Legion
Whiting's (or Law's) Brigade (Col. Evander M. Law)
4th Alabama
6th North Carolina
2d Mississippi
11th Mississippi
Evans' Brigade (Col. P. E Stevens)
17th South Carolina
18th South Carolina
22d South Carolina
23d South Carolina
Holcombe's Legion
Wilcox's Division (Brig. Gen. Cadmus M. Wilcox)
Wilcox's Brigade
8th Alabama
9th Alabama
10th Alabama
11th Alabama
Pryor's Brigade (Brig. Gen. Roger A. Pryor)
2d Florida
5th Florida
8th Florida
3d Virginia
14th Alabama
Featherston's Brigade (Brig. Gen. Winfield S. Featherston)
2d Mississippi
12th Mississippi
16th Mississippi
19th Mississippi
Kemper's Division (Brig. Gen. James L. Kemper)
Kemper's Brigade (Col. Montgomery D. Corse)

1st Virginia
7th Virginia
11th Virginia
17th Virginia
24th Virginia
Jenkins' Brigade (Brig. Gen. Micah Jenkins)
1st South Carolina
2d South Carolina
5th South Carolina
6th South Carolina
Pickett's Brigade (Col. Eppa Hunton)
8th Virginia
18th Virginia
19th Virginia
28th Virginia
56th Virginia
D. R. Jones' Division (Brig. Gen. David R. Jones)
Anderson's Brigade (Col. G. T. Anderson)

1st Georgia
7th Georgia
8th Georgia
9th Georgia
11th Georgia
Toomb's Brigade (Col. Henry L. Benning)
2d Georgia
15th Georgia
17th Georgia
20th Georgia
Drayton's Brigade (Brig. Gen. Thomas F. Drayton)
15th South Carolina
50th Georgia
51st Georgia
R. H. Anderson's Division (Maj. Gen. Richard H. Anderson)
Mahone's Brigade (Brig. Gen. William Mahone)

6th Virginia
12th Virginia
16th Virginia
41st Virginia
Wright's Brigade (Brig. Gen. A. R. Wright)
3d Georgia
22d Georgia
48th Georgia
44th Alabama
Armistead's Brigade (Brig. Gen. Lewis A. Armistead)
9th Virginia
14th Virginia
38th Virginia
53d Virginia
57th Virginia
5th Virginia Battalion
Lee's Battalion (Col. Stephen D. Lee)
Bath Artillery, Virginia (Eubanks')
Portsmouth Artillery, Virginia (Oakham's)
Bedford Artillery, Virginia (Jordan's)
Parker's Battery, Virginia
Taylor's Battery, Virginia
Rhett's Battery, South Carolina
Washington Artillery Battalion, Louisiana (Maj. J. B. Walton)
1st Company (Squire's)
2d Company (Richardson's)
3d Company (Miller's)
4th Company (Eshleman's)
Division Batteries
Thomas Artillery, Virginia (Anderson's)
Dixie Artillery, Virginia (Chapman's)
German Artillery, South Carolina (Bachman's)
Palmetto Artillery, South Carolina (Garden's)
Moorman's Battery, Virginia
Loudon Artillery, Virginia (Rogers')
Rowan Artillery, North Carolina (Reilly's)
Macbeth Artillery, South Carolina (Boyer's)
Norfolk Artillery, Virginia (Huger's)
Goochland Artillery, Virginia (Turner's)
Donaldsonville Artillery, Louisiana
Fauquier Artillery, Virginia (Stribling's)

Left Wing (Maj. Gen. Thomas J. Jackson)
Ewell's Division (Brig. Gen. Alexander R. Lawton)
Early's Brigade (Brig. Gen. Jubal A. Early)

13th Virginia
25th Virginia
31st Virginia
44th Virginia
49th Virginia
52d Virginia
58th Virginia
Lawton's Brigade (Col. Marcellus Douglass)
13th Georgia
26th Georgia
31st Georgia
38th Georgia
60th Georgia
61st Georgia
Hay's Brigade (Col. Strong)
5th Louisiana
6th Louisiana
7th Louisiana
8th Louisiana
9th Louisiana
Trimble's Brigade (Capt. F Brown)
12th Georgia
21st Georgia
21st North Carolina
15th Alabama
1st North Carolina Battalion
Light Division (Maj. Gen. Ambrose P. Hill)
Branch's Brigade (Brig. Gen. Lawrence O'B. Branch)
7th North Carolina
18th North Carolina
28th North Carolina
33d North Carolina
37th North Carolina
Gregg's Brigade (Brig. Gen. Maxcy Gregg)
Orr's Rifles, South Carolina
1st South Carolina
12th South Carolina
13th South Carolina
14th South Carolina
Field's Brigade (Col. J. M. Brockenbrough)
22d Virginia Battalion
40th Virginia
47th Virginia
55th Virginia
Pender's Brigade (Brig. Gen. William D. Pender)
16th North Carolina
22d North Carolina
34th North Carolina
38th North Carolina
Archer's Brigade (Brig. Gen. James J. Archer)
1st Tennessee
7th Tennessee
14th Tennessee
19th Tennessee
5th Alabama
Thomas' Brigade (Col. Edward L. Thomas)
14th Georgia
35th Georgia
45th Georgia
49th Georgia
Jackson's Division (Brig. Gen. William E. Starke vice William Taliaferro)
"Stonewall" Brigade (Col. William S. H. Baylor)

2d Virginia
4th Virginia
5th Virginia
27th Virginia
33d Virginia
Campbell's (or J. R. Jones') Brigade (Col. Bradley T. Johnson)
1st Virginia Battalion
21st Virginia
42d Virginia
48th Virginia
Taliaferro's Brigade (Col. Alexander G. Taliaferro)
10th Virginia
23d Virginia
37th Virginia
47th Alabama
48th Alabama
Stafford's Brigade (Col. Leroy A. Stafford)
1st Louisiana
2d Louisiana
9th Louisiana
10th Louisiana
15th Louisiana
Coppen's Battalion
Cavalry (Maj. Gen. J. E. B. Stuart)
Robertson's Brigade (Brig. Gen. Beverly H. Robertson)
2d Virginia
6th Virginia
7th Virginia
12th Virginia
17th Virginia
Lee's Brigade (Brig. Gen. Fitzhugh Lee)
1st Virginia
3d Virginia
4th Virginia
5th Virginia
9th Virginia
Jackson's Division (Maj. L. M. Shumaker)
Baltimore Artillery, Maryland (Brockenbrough's)
Allegheny Artillery, Virginia (Carpenter's)
Hampden Artillery, Virginia (Caskie's)
Winchester Battery, Virginia (Cutshaw's)
Rockbridge Artillery, Virginia (Poague's)
Lee Artillery, Virginia (Raines')
Rice's Battery, Virginia
Danville Artillery, Virginia (Wooding's)
Hill's Division (Lt. Col. Robert L. Walker)
Fredericksburg Artillery, Virginia (Braxton's)
Crenshaw's Battery, Virginia
Letcher Artillery, Virginia (Davidson's)
Middlesex Artillery, Virginia (Hardy's)
Purcell Artillery, Virginia (Pegram's)
Branch Artillery, North Carolina (Potts')
Pee Dee Artillery, South Carolina (Mclntosh's)
Ewell's Division
Louisiana Guard Artillery (D'Aquin's)
Chesapeake Artillery, Maryland (Brown's)
1st Maryland Battery (Dement's)
Johnson's Battery, Virginia
Courtney Artillery, Virginia (Latimer's)
Staunton Artillery, Virginia (Garber's)

Sources: Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies; Center of Military History, United States Army, Washington, D.C.

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