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Will New Domains Replace .Com and .Net?
The New Internet Domains

New Domain Names (gTLDs) on the New Internet
Update 21 August 2015

Google and Microsoft Each Invest One Billion Dollars in New Domains
As your eyes roll across and, you are likely asking what in the world is .CLICK and how long has it existed? See also Why .CLICK  and New Internet Extensions.


Who is Investing in the New Domains?
Know that Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and Apple are some of the heavy hitters in the field of new domains, with Google dropping an unprecedented one hundred million bucks to kick off round one. Google has already indicated that it is willing to invest as much as one billion in just the beginning of what many are calling the new domain age. While there are many skeptics on the subject, who is willing to bet against the likes of Google and Microsoft? If the new gTLDs were not going to be competitive, then why is Google investing up to one billion dollars in them?
Why New Internet Names?
From, toy.clickschool.clickto you have just been introduced to a handful of Generic Top Level Domains (gTLDs) that rolled out recently.
Don't change the station, at least not yet, because without getting all nerdy with gTLD applications, ICANN, process of how strings move from delegation record to land rush, and a host of metrics and terms associated with the new extensions, I concede to a less than introductory lesson of the new Internet era. In a nutshell, similar to when toll free 888 was released to augment the saturated 800 number, these gTLDs were recently approved in order to ease the strain on the existing suffixes COM and NET. Not all domains are created equal, however. Saving the details for another page, rest assured that only the best new extensions are represented below, and time has proven it. See also list of premium domains for sale.

.CLICK is the newest yet fastest growing gTLD
Fastest growing Domain Names.jpg
Fastest growing Domains, aka gTLDs, provided courtesy

The Domains
Many believe that there will be no more biased high search rankings for .com (which means commercial), as the term "American Civil War" is to show equal as well as competitive search results with or These, and many more, are some of the most powerful second generation domains available.

Fastest growing new Internet domains
Fastest growing new Internet domains.jpg
CLICK is a top ten gTLD

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