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The Adams-Onís Treaty of 1819

Treaty Between US and Spain History, List of United States Spain Treaties Articles Year Ratified Date of Ratification, US Territory Acquired From Spain Map Maps American Spanish Florida Treaty Details
(Formally titled the Treaty of Amity, Settlement, and Limits Between the United States of America and His Catholic Majesty. It is also known as the Transcontinental Treaty of 1819, and the Florida Purchase Treaty)
The Adams­-Onís Treaty (aka Transcontinental Treaty of 1819, and The Florida Treaty) was signed in Washington on February 22, 1819, and ratified by Spain October 24, 1820, and entered into force February 22, 1821. It terminated April 14, 1903, by a treaty of July 3, 1902. The treaty was named for John Quincy Adams of the United States and Louis de Onís of Spain and renounced any claim of the United States to Texas. It fixed the western boundary of the Louisiana Purchase as beginning at the mouth of the Sabine River and running along its south and west bank to the thirty-second parallel and thence directly north to the Río Rojo (Red River).

Adams Onis Treaty Map
Adams Onis Treaty Map.jpg
Map of the Adams Onis Treaty

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