20th Maine Volunteer Infantry Regiment: Official Report for August 1863

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20th Maine Volunteer Infantry Regiment: Official Report for August 1863

Report of Capt. Atherton W. Clark, Twentieth Maine Infantry.

Camp near Beverly Ford, Va.,
August 14, 1863.
Lieut.: In compliance with circular of August 12, from
headquarters Army of the Potomac, I have the honor to report that
on the morning of the 5th ultimo this regiment moved forward on
the battle-field of Gettysburg, and occupied the Carolina road during
the day.

At night, marched 10 miles in the direction of Emmitsburg, and
bivouacked at midnight near Marsh Creek.

Early on the morning of the 6th, marched 1 mile, and bivouacked.

Resumed march on the 7th through Creagerstown, and bivouacked
6 miles above Frederick City and 18 miles from bivouac of previous

On the 8th, moved in heavy rain 12 miles across the Catoctin
Mountains, and encamped near Middletown in the afternoon.

On the morning of the 9th, the regiment crossed over South
Mountain (a detachment of it assisting the train in its passage), and
encamped near Boonsborough in the afternoon, 8 miles from Middletown.

The regiment moved early on the day following, and in the vicinity
of the enemy, on the Sharpsburg pike, near Jones' Cross-Roads,
was thrown forward to act as skirmishers. It was soon warmly engaged,
and, after a severe and protracted skirmish, held the pike.
The loss to the regiment was 2 killed and 6 wounded and missing.

On the 11th, the regiment moved along the pike and westward,
through field and wood, 2 miles, and bivouacked.

On the morning of the 12th, advanced to the Williamsport road,
and the next day crossed the Williamsport road and threw forward

On the 14th, marched to Williamsport, and the morning following
returned, marching through Keedysville, over South Mountain, and
encamped near Burkittsville, having marched 20 miles.

Moved forward on the 16th to vicinity of Berlin, where the regiment
bivouacked until the afternoon of the 17th, when it crossed the
Potomac, and marched 5 miles to Lovettsville.

On the 18th, 19th, and 20th, marched to Goose Creek, 30 miles
from Lovettsville.

Resumed march on the 22d, and bivouacked near Rectortown, 10
miles distant from Goose Creek.

The regiment took part in the operations of the 23d and 24th, in
Manassas Gap, returning on the 25th, and encamped near Orleans,
after a march of 20 miles.

Resumed march in the morning, and on the 27th ultimo encamped
2 miles south of Warrenton.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,

Capt., Comdg. Twentieth Maine Volunteers.

Lieut. John M. Clark,
Acting Assistant Adjutant-Gen., Third Brigade.

Source: Official Records, Series I, Vol. 27, Part I. Reports. Serial No. 43.

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